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message 1: by Caylah (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
The Marilyn Fan site will have a fan club store where you can buy mugs and book marks and so on.. what kinds of things would you like to see or you think should be available in the Fan Club store.?

These items will also be included in giveaways and prizes...

message 2: by Caylah (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
Hmm..?? No suggestions???

message 3: by Cherryce (new)

Cherryce williams | 8 comments pens, notebooks with the covers of the books on them?

message 4: by Caylah (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
Good idea thanks... anything else????

Feel free to invite friends to the group as well.. its public! *smiles*

message 5: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis | 1 comments tote bags with book covers, cups, keychains. Is Marilyn a part of this or is it just the fans?

message 6: by Caylah (last edited Jun 10, 2009 03:55AM) (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
Is Marilyn apart of??? this post? this group

Everything I do.. Marilyn Lee is most definitely apart of it? However the fan club was created by me for her as a thank you for being such a great author.. inspirational at that.. if you go to the fan club site and click on the ABOUT link.. it explains it all..

Thanks for asking

message 7: by Caylah (new)

Caylah | 49 comments Mod
Now with Books Covers.. Marilyn doesn't actually have the rights to those .. so we cant have the book covers on the actual items.

Most the the designs will include the fan club logo.. or Marilyn Lee's Logo from her website which she owns.

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