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NICO! why you gay?
Luci Luci Oct 13, 2013 05:50PM
I am not against gay people but I kind of had a little crush and him and Leo.and Uncle rick kinda just ripped my heart out.I hope Leo isn't gay.

Just think: Somewhere in the world there's a fanboy with a crush who is positively elated. I imagine what you're feeling now is what gay kids feel all the time when they're reading about a really cool character. That fun little crush you had on Nico before he was outed? Yeah, now some kid that's been denied that his whole life has a chance to feel it.

Be happy for him.

Cassie 'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood He is, but he just doesn't like Percy like that any more
Jan 04, 2015 04:21PM

Guys did you even read the original post? OP's upset because they had a little crush on Nico and welp! He's gay. It's even more unlikely to happen now!

I don't think there's anything wrong with being gay. Honestly, for me, being gay (or a lesbian) is much like being a boy or a girl. It doesn't make any difference. As one of my friends here said "You don't fall for someone's genitals, you fall for who they are." Unless of course, you do exactly the opposite.

I personally love Nico waaaay more after reading House of Hades. I felt his pain, especially when he "let out a guttural scream" or something along those lines. And how he's always lonely and depressed. It broke me < ///// 3

Also, to reinforce my statement that there's nothing wring with being gay and/or having a crush on gay people, let me tell you something: I have a crush on a couple of gay people ^^

But I think Rick did a good job!I mean his books are a hit so maybe he's telling the gay readers that it's okay to be who they are.Though it was kinda weird when I first heard it...

deleted member Oct 18, 2013 08:13PM   0 votes
I've been thoroughly (and pleasantly) surprised thus far that there aren't as many anti-homosexual or homophobic remarks or comments as you would expect from fans in general. Granted, it hasn't been that long, but it gives me hope that maybe the times are changing and soon "gay rights" will just become a norm.
But my little ramble over, I have to say that I'm split on Uncle Rick's decision to make Nico gay. I, like lots of other fangirls, do have a crush on Nico which makes this turn of events a little disappointing.
HOWEVER Nico being gay really fits. For the life of me I couldn't picture him finding a girlfriend, and now I know why! It really brings his characterization full circle.
Now, I love Percabeth, don't get me wrong. But if Percy ever turns out to be gay, I could definitely see Nico/Percy happening!

okay seriously some of you back off the op never said anything against gay people she's just sad because she had a crush on him, honestly people need to lighten up...

Fabitha (last edited Oct 23, 2013 03:16AM ) Oct 23, 2013 03:14AM   0 votes
When I first read the chapter, my mind was screaming
"CUTE"! I felt SO close to Nico, even if I'm straight and I didn't completely like him before. I just felt like I wanna hug him, you know?
Besides, I think Rick should definitively put his "political agenda" in the books, since the kids that liked the first serie are now grown enough to understand and have a pow about the subject. We don't know yet how this will end (like, a confession or what), but feeling different is something every teenager could recognize, so maybe they'll think twice before offending someone because he/she is gay. Just planting seeds, said my favourite comedian.

I realize the title of the post is a spoiler for who's still reading it =)

...We don't know for sure Nico is gay. I mean sure, he likes guys, but that doesn't rule out being bi or pansexual. So... Yeah. Even if he was, how do you know the other characters you crush on aren't gay? Has it been explicitly stated that they are straight? Welcome to the perils of fangirlism (also, I personally am fine with crushing on guys who are gay....) I don't really understand your complaint that much because it's not as if the fact that he may be gay is what is stopping you getting together with him...

I really didn't like Nico through the whole series so this really doesn't effect me much. though I do think it wasn't the right move to make with him.

Since when is death's heir, the son of the Underworld a gaywad?!

I hated that he was like " Ive seen a lot of brave things but that was by far the worst...poor you growing up in a time where it was unheard of" like really?!!! It's not that brave and TOTALLY overemphasized. Plus, he already has an internal issue conflict- his flippin sister is dead. Now he's a gay or Bi, just a stupid twist!!
I don't mind him being gay if it was said at the beginning of the whole story in Percy Jackson series, but now it's too late and is too stupid a twist really. I think him being gay doesnt match his character at all and is LAMAAAME SAAAUUUCEE!!

Andrew Fuller bbibitbitcbitch
Dec 17, 2013 04:01PM

I wish nico changed his mind and turned into reyna, please.

I wish nico changed his mind and turned into reyna, please.

Here's one thing I'm wondering what you guys think.
Nico has/had a crush on Percy and is jealous of Annabeth. But what puzzles me was in the Battle of the Labyrinth book, Nico only conceded to come back to Camp Half Blood when Annabeth asked him. Was he trying to cover up his feelings? Or was this simply because Percy and Annabeth weren't 'with' each other yet?

And also, is he bi or something? He likes Percy, he seems unattracted to other guys (although we have never seen his POV) and yet he was blushing around Juniper, Grover's girlfriend when he came to Camp Half Blood to talk to Percy about his plan.

Well this chapter was certainly shocking! Honestly, I didn't see this coming. I've never liked Jason, and I kinda still don't. But I don't agree this is the bravest thing. (I assume you all read that part I'm talking about, so I won't go into detail.) I can't say I'm happy about it either, but before anyone can get upset with me about my previous comment let me explain why I feel this way...
Nico, aside from Percy, has always been my favorite! I just love his character. It is unpredictable and so mysterious. I loved how the others are scared of him, and how he has a past that they don't know about. (We as readers feel a little proud to the fact that we know more than them... at least I felt this way.);) Honestly, I wish he had remained that way. I didn't want to understand why he was the way he is. I pushed it off as simply the pain he feels from his loss and being an outcast. Also, it isn't that I hate gay people! I do not at all, but I don't support it either.... It is only that I am so attached to this character, Nico. As I said before, it was a shock to me. I did not see this coming. I love this character too much to see this happen to him...
On a completely different note. And I am biased. I wish Nico had more of a chance to show his awesome powers. He is just as powerful as Jason and Percy. I want him to be put on the pedestal with those two.

yes totes true

Rick Riordan should not have made Nico gay. He should leave his political agenda out of children's book. And, there was no foretelling about this sudden crush. It's like he got bored with what he was writing and was all like, "Nico's gay!!" Just like Thalia having a brother, though I didn't mind that as much.

If you aren't bothered by "gay" people then why does it bother you that he is gay. Being gay just means he is attracted to someone of his same sex. It does chance who he is. Maybe if he wasn't gay, his character would be different. I am not gay but I have heard a lot of people know when they are young how they feel. Plus, why can't you still have a crush on him? They are plenty of men who go both ways. I think a lot of people hear that a guy is gay they automatically think they guy is a wus! They are a lot of very manly gay men. Not all gay men are femmy. Not that there is anything wrong with being femmy. We are all different and that is what makes everyone special.;)

you can't choose to be gay. it's just who you are and if that's who nico is, then i accept it

so true.....................

I just went back and read the first series and the Son of Neptune. Basically, if you squint hard and tilt your head to the side, you can see a hint of it. In other words, we're all making up twists to suit what has happened now. I don't think Rick originally planned this but I think it went well. I'm only disappointed that we get to know so little about Nico. So hopefully Nico gets a POV in Blood of Olympus.
By the way, I fully support Perico.
Perico for the win!

Its not that I don't like Nico being gay its just that its so out of the blue. Nico has never shown any feelings like this its just totally random. Riordan may as well have said Reyna was a guy!

I love Nico.. Gay or not, still one of my fav characters, Right behind his dad : )

All I want to do is give Nico a big hug, he's still my favourite character and in a way it makes me like him more.

In first place Nico said "had" that means that he is not gay probably that crush was for being in rough moments and being confused

Haha, so i'm not the only one who had a crush on Nico (and on Leo) but yea, being gay seems to fit him. Can't picture him with another girl. I would ship percy x nico if percy was single xD

NOOOO!!!!!!! When my friend told me i was crushed about his situation. I mean really? little kids will read this book!!!!

Hopefully they will tie him up with Reyna and save him :P

What kind of a gay is Nico - some 10 year old kid (that's when supposedly he got the crush on percy) who doesn't even really know what is sexual love :)

So yeah, I'm still hopeful. Even though the fact that he is gay DID ruin his character. Never before did he act so weird at Percy in the other books. Here.. we was just completely crazy, despite the fact that he got "over it", supposedly. It's obvious that this was a second thought, Nico was not designed to be this at first.

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