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Well, this is mostly for triple A (AAA) but I figured I will make it for everyone...lol.

message 2: by Allison:) (last edited Jun 05, 2009 12:35PM) (new)

Allison:) | 13 comments WOOHHHHH!!!! OHH YEAAA UH HUH!!! DOLPHINS!!!

for the ppl who dont have the advantage of knowing me(joking) well im OBSESSED with dolphins...so yea watch ask me any question at all bout dolphins and i can answer it...without looking on dolphin.com...i already knew all the info from there...so yeaa. seriously tho...ask me a question and i shall answer to the best of my dolphin abilitys

and remember: SHAMU IS ALL POWERFUL!!!!!!
~AAA <3

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what tha heck?!?!?! SHAMU????? oh my goodness...

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

AAA, u are O.D.D. (odd) (Obsessive Dolphin Disorder!!!)

message 5: by Allison:) (new)

Allison:) | 13 comments PAHAHAHAHAHHAAAH DUDE THAT IS SOOO GOOD!!! and yes i am o.d.d.lol but yea u can ask sydni bout the shamu thing but u gotta c me do it...its HILARIOUSSSS!!!

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lol...i apparently need to see that! hahaha!!! (:

message 7: by Allison:) (new)

Allison:) | 13 comments yes yes yes. OH MY WHIZ BANGG ok today i was taking this quiz on facebook and it asked what ur favorite animal was and one of the choices was DOLPHINS and ya kno normally they dont have that choice but they did this time and it was sooo kool! so yea just thot i would tell u guys that

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woww...about that obsession problem...IS THERE ANYTHING HIGHER THAN OBSESSION, BECAUSE WHATEVER THAT IS IS WHAT AAA HAS ABOUT DOLPHINS!!! oh, by thw way, I wrote some new poetry..."The Enemy". I also am writing a story called "Invitation", but i only have one chapter so far.

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Allison:) | 13 comments koolness. and yes i am obsessed....ok well i gtg put george II in sum water(hes a dolphin that grows in water) PEACE!!!!

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