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message 1: by Shanon (last edited Jun 05, 2009 11:34AM) (new)

Shanon (boban) | 1166 comments Mod
It seems that most of the books in PNR & UF romanticize vamps - but really they're killers right. What are your favorite books where vampires are villans? Who are your favorite vampire villans?

I like the Morganville Vampire series - though they're not really all villans.

Let the Right One In villanizes vampires and is a very creepy read. I think it's one of my favorite vamp books just becauese it is so different & thought provoking.

message 2: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) I agree on the Morganville Vamps. I have a book I haven't read yet, Uninvited, that I believe has a bad vamp.

message 3: by Kathryn (last edited Jun 05, 2009 11:13PM) (new)

Kathryn (kathry) Dracula by Stoker is the first thing that comes to mind. But it's been a bit since I read the book and I do remember sympathizing with the character.

I recently read Necroscope and though I do not plan on reading the rest of the series, the vampires were not romanticized. Excellent idea for a book, I just had other issues with it.

And I must mention Steve Niles's 30 Days of Night and subsequent graphic novels in the series. These are horror but if you want some scary vamps, then these fit the bill.

I didn't want to start reading about traitional or villain vamps until recently but now I would love to hear what everyone else has to say!

Oooo, and another favorite, I Am Legend, one of all time favorites.

message 4: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathry) I'm trying to get my hands on Fevre Dream and Sunglasses After Dark. Both are supposed to fit the bill of villian vamps.

message 5: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Fevre Dream certainly has villian vamps. Even some of the PNR books have both good and bad vamps. The Broken Heart Vampire series by Michele Bardsley and Lynsay Sands' Argeneau and Rogue Hunters series come to mind.

message 6: by Lily (new)

Lily (lilithesque) The Strainis one. Thanks for Fevre Dream and Sunglasses after dark. I will check them out. I am recently leaning towards the darker stuff.

This doesn't mean I dont love me some hot vamps, but always looking for variety.

The Magic Bites, Burns and Stikes have really zombie vamps, but not good guys or sexy.

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Shanon (boban) | 1166 comments Mod
I've been drawn to some darker books than normal lately as well Lily. I loved The Strain! It's a great creepy read.

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Melodie (melodieco) Melodie wrote: "I agree on the Morganville Vamps. I have a book I haven't read yet, Uninvited, that I believe has a bad vamp."

I just started Uninvited by Amanda Marrone , and am about half way through. It does have a bad vamp. And it's a pretty good read! It's YA.

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