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Gabby this book is sooo sad but its the truth

Tressa I read this book about twenty years ago and it's still with me. The saddest part for me was when he tried to shake his father in the concentration camp. Here is a father whom he loved but had become a burden to the young Wiesel's survival. I just can't imagine the consequences both went through to get to that point.

Amanda It is hard for me to read any more Holocaust books because 1) the subject is just sooooo depressing and 2) this book does a nice job of giving insight into the concentration camps.

percabeth i had to read it for 7th grade and it's still pretty depressing

Stenedria I read this book in 10th grade when we were discussing the unit of the holocaust and concentration camps(which was discussed for almost the whole semester) and it was really depressing. There was no sugar-coating or hiding any horrible things then went on there. The events were terrifying but I admire how open it was with the experience. It makes you feel lucky that it doesn't go on anywhere right now.

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