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'stealing the milk'

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Kevin Donovan just finished beloved, first ive read by toni morrison. was not disappointed.

i think the scene when sethe gives birth on the ohio, it either tugs your heartstrings or you don't have a heart.

anyway, the one thing i didn't really absorb were two motifs throughout the story

1. the schoolteachers nephew 'stealing her milk'
2. halle having 'butter and klabber' on his face

i might be over analyzing, and its just unique expressions of shame or indignation. but if anyone has other interpretations i'd love to hear them.



Grace re: 'stealing her milk' - I analyzed it the same way you did - not only did the scene represent shame on a general level but it signified a violent taking-away of her womanhood. Her identity as a woman and as a mother rested on her ability to provide sustenance to her child.

This was the first Toni Morrison novel for me too. I loved it.

Robin Butter and klabber could also be that he didn't care what he looked like, whether he was messy or not. Just my interpretation. Read this book ages ago.

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