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message 1: by Cosmic Sher (new)

Cosmic Sher (sherart) | 2234 comments I have been thinking a lot about comfort lately and what it means to different people. There are those who find comfort in sitting beside a fire cozied up to a book, or perhaps scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef, or even in the giving of comfort to someone else like helping someone who is in need or caring for them when they are sick.

The definition of comfort has so many synonyms that it's hard to distinguish what exactly comfort is. Not to mention all the phrases we use; "Are you comfortable?" "Expand your comfort zone" "She's a comfort to me" "I don't feel comfortable with that".

Truthfully, this is an area that I am trying to gather perspective on for a future creative endeavor, so your input would be a great help. :)

So, I put this to you TC friends, what is your idea of comfort?

message 2: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments This is an excellent question. I need more stimulants before I answer. I'll think about it on the way to work.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Tough question Cosmic. I don't think that there is any one given comfort. All of your examples above relate to a different situation. For example I am not comfortable meeting new people, but I am comfortable lounging in a hammock, not similar situations at all. Time to go have some coffee and give his more thought.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 8993 comments Part of comfort for me is feeling like I know what I'm doing.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments Comfortable for me is knowing that I have no more chance of having the carpet ripped out from under me than anyone else... I haven't been comfortable in several years, but I'm hoping that will change before the end of this year.

message 6: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) I hope it changes, too, Sarah.

Jackie you read my mind about 2 hrs 43 min ago with that last comment. Feeling incompetent at tasks/activites makes me very uncomfortable. I've learned, over the years, that I have to endure a certain amount of this if I expect to make a mark in my professional life. Sometimes a lot of it.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 8993 comments Sometimes it's good not to be comfortable, and learn something new, Larry. Doesn't mean it's easy, right?

message 8: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) Posilutely, Jackie Librarian.

message 9: by Cosmic Sher (new)

Cosmic Sher (sherart) | 2234 comments I don't think that there is any one given comfort. All of your examples above relate to a different situation.

This is why I'm asking, Jim. It relates to so many different situations, as well as each individual in those situations. What I'm hoping to do is hear how you feel most comfortable, what is it in life that you feel comfort in... is it a sensory situation, or more something in your mind (like how Jackie expressed feeling like she knows what she's doing)?

I really want to hear of people's individual expressions of comfort... or non-comfort. Are there different categories of comfort? Are there comfort personalities or styles?

And, I think stretching your comfort zone is important too, so what does that mean for you? :) (Yea, I'm being pushy on this... but it's all for the good, I promise)

message 10: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) Etymology of comfort (v.)

c.1280, from O.Fr. conforter "to comfort, help, strengthen," from L.L. confortare "to strengthen much" (used in Vulgate), from L. com- intens. prefix + fortis "strong." The n. (c.1225) replaced O.E. frofor. Comfortable is from c.1340. Comforter "quilted coverlet" is from 1832. Comforts (as opposed to necessities and luxuries) is from 1659; comfy first recorded 1829.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I am comfortable in shorts, sandals and a hawaiian shirt. I am comfortable in doing my job, because it is almost second nature, I am comfortable discussing most sports because I grew up following most of them. Is this what you are looking for Cosmic?

message 12: by Matthieu (last edited Jun 04, 2009 06:40PM) (new)

Matthieu | 1009 comments I like cool, shaded places. Books, tea, and friends are fine accessories. On certain days, when the sun is out, I'm quite happy to play catch. During the year, my roommate and I would throw a football around the green.

Comfort can be found in most anything. That is, if you're willing to look.

message 13: by Julie (new)

Julie | 568 comments I am comfortable when I know what I am doing-at work or with family, the regular things.
I think I need to push my comfort zone out a little more sometimes, or I start to get anti-social.
Or just anti-new people.
I am comfortable when I am completely alone. I especially feel this sense of comfort if I am out in nature where no one else is around. That is my greatest type of comfort.
I do need to be around people and be social, everyone does I think, but being alone sometimes is just relaxing.

message 14: by Cosmic Sher (new)

Cosmic Sher (sherart) | 2234 comments Jim, this is exactly what I'm looking for... all of it. Good stuff people. :)

message 15: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (gonecountrygal) Well for me there is many places and states of mind of comfort, but here's the cliche one I enjoy most!
Sometimes there is nothing better than a good book, a cup of tea, a comfy chair, and no one looking at me in my too-tight sweatpants!

message 16: by Cosmic Sher (new)

Cosmic Sher (sherart) | 2234 comments LOL Perfect! I love it.

message 17: by Usako (new)

Usako (bbmeltdown) Comfort is comfort food - old fashioned home cooking that you grew up on that made you feel better when sick. Mine was some Cajun dishes. Mmm. Or my Oma's potato ball soup. Mmmm.

Or it's wrapped in my shawl as I am now because the office is FAR TOO cold.

message 18: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 777 comments Comfort for me, is being with people I feel in sync with--not like we have to agree on everything, we can have debates that intellectually stimulating--I love that. But somehow we're on the same wave length. I feel like that with several friends, my writers group, most of the people in my family.
Other times, like at lunch at work, even though no one is being mean to me or anything, I am not in sync with the people I'm with and I just listen or try to think of something to say. Even though the people are nice, and I like them after almost five years, we're not on the same wave length about most things in life, so there is a feeling of discomfort.

Then, of course, my wonderful house and my cozy couch and all my books, my almond sunset tea.
My bed is super comfortable, with my comforter, ceiling fan and air conditioner.

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