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Karl Pilkington — Real?

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Kirsten There has been heated debate as to whether or not Karl Pilkington is "real." (i.e. really just a half-wit simpleton) So i'm wondering what people think.

Personally i would argue that he isn't real because if he was, it wouldn't be very funny. The brilliance of the humor is that they can pull this off with such subtlety that it leaves people scratching their heads wondering if he is for real or not.

Do you really think Ricky Gervais would stake his reputation as a comedian on some village idiot, just hoping that Karl will off-handedly come up with some hilarious non sequiter shite for each show?

do you think "Reno 911" really is a reality TV show without writers or actors?

gabe my feelings are that he is too stupid to be an act. The things Karl says could never be written by regular people, because it would just come out awkward and dumb in a writing room. Karl is the real deal, and that's what makes it fucking hilarious.

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Tom Allen REAL!

His mind works differently to 'normal' people. He sees things from a completely alternate view. That's it!

Some people try to be all cool and quirky, proper 'out there' and Karl Pilkington just is!

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