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Anyone dissapointed???

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TaylorAnnaJane Is anyone else rather dissapointed with this book?? Compared to Terrier it sux, i thought. :'(

April nah i thought it was really goood, i guess i just like these types of books, and the way Tamora writes. Though i didn't like the ending, like i thought she should have stayed with Dale in the end, thats the thing that got me the most.

rebelrebs I have never read a book by Tamora Pierce that's disappointed me. I love them all.

Andi Though I enjoyed this book overall, I was about half way through it and wondered when the real story was going to start. It is much slower and less action packed than most of her other books.

Alanna I love Tamora Pierce's books especially the Tortall series, but this book was not one of my favorites.
I still liked it, but I think I liked it more because it continued the story of Beka Cooper more than anything else.

Ruby Hollyberry I wasn't disappointed at all - I liked everything about both the two first books except the beginning bit set hundreds of years later. I thought that was unnecessary.

Lucy I really wasn't that disappointed with this book but I really didn't like the fact that it was just Goodwin and Cooper it was a bit of a let down that the whole team wasn't in on it. :3

Aaron Not in the least.

Lonleypurplecat I think the book was ok, but I was a little disappointed. I was expecting something like Terrier.

Redwallcrazy- My God is Healer, Awesome in Power! I was very, very disappointed in this book. It could have been so much better, but some of the stuff she put in there sucked. The only reason I liked this book at all was because it had Beka Cooper in it.

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Lucy Are any of you going to read the next book Mastiff? I am I have ordered it in amazon?

Avigyle You liked Dale more than Rosto?!

message 13: by Lucy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lucy *shock*

Paige I preferred Terrier to Bloohound, but still found it a very good read. I fully intend to read Mastiff.

Shelly If you were disappointed with this book, you are definitely going to be disappointed with Mastiff.

Alyssa I didn't like that she started again in another city trying to remake connections, in the author's other books the protagonist of the novel spends the whole series with mostly the same people developing and I dislike that beka has to restart in this book

Happycat This one was a little Mastiff was the most disappointing. I am a huge fan on Tamora Pierce and I was very suprised to not like on of her books.

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I loved it! It was a little bit darker than what I was expecting, but I think it just made the story more intense. ****I hated it when Tunstall turned on them. I did not see that coming! Yet the love story that is woven into the story is really cute. Sorry for those who are disappointed, but I felt like Tamora Pierce did a fabulous job!

Rachel I liked terrier better but still loved this

Aquilus Pierce writes strong females (duh) who overcome the tests put before them. I understand the frustration about having Beka moved to a different city and being forced to "start over" (which is a good way to put it), which meant putting a pause on her developing relationships between Rosto and the gang. But Beka grew up in the lower city, she knows it like the back of her hand. She proved herself there in Terrier. The next step--the next test for her to pass--would be to see if she could do just as good a job in a setting she -wasn't- so familiar with. I can respect that.

And no, I wasn't disappointed. I don't think I understand the concept of "Tamora Pierce" and "disappointment" being anywhere near each other.

Molly Tompson I loved them both. Im upset that she never got with Rosto but o-well.. She can never be with him seeing as shes a dog and hes a rouge :( Upsetting.. Bloodhound was amazing, even though I liked Terrier better..

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Sandie Enjoyed Bloodhound but am finding Mastiff a bit of a long read - lots of running around with little character development.

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