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These are a list of rules you should follow in the role play folder.

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1)When you talk out of character, plz talk in double parenthese. For example, ((what r we doing next?))
2)Plz NO CURSING!!!!!
3)Don't bad talk anyone; this lowers everyone's self esteem and I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN...hey, you never know
4)Take everyone's suggestions into consideration; there might be a really good idea...PAY ATTENTION
5)No bad influence/no bad "messages". For example, no drinking, no smoking, etc.
6)Plz role play as often as you can...your comments make this group better!

I think that's all the rules we need for now. If I find the need for any more rules, I'll add them here.


Don't doubt me...I WILL do it.
If you have any complaints about anything, go into the folder labeled COMPLAINTS and write something. I'll get to it as soon as possible. Thnx!!!

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