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message 1: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod

October's giveaway is Midnight's Park by Brandon Spacey Midnight's Parkby our very own Brandon Spacey

Brandon will be giving away one paperback and one e-book to the winners.

For a chance to win answer the following discussion question:

In the book, hundreds of thousands of people disappear throughout the duration of a single day in October. When it is learned what they all had in common, Daniel Brandt is 'recruited' to assist in bringing them back. But his recruitment involves breaking into a building and helping to abscond with a supposed quantum computer that can manipulate the temporal ether. Of course, Daniel is hard to convince that this is even possible. What would it take to make you believe someone had a computer that could facilitate time-travel, short of witnessing it? Beyond that, the company from which it was stolen is an ominous presence in the world of science. With this in mind, would you be likely to want to participate in the experiment to bring back the missing people?

If you would like to be featured in our monthly giveaways please contact me.

message 2: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (last edited Oct 01, 2013 07:52AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
My first thought is how in the world does hundreds of thousands of people disappear in a single day. Even a mass conspiracy could not be that organized to do something on that scale in a 24 hour period. The event of that many people missing seems impossible so I think after having thought it over I would be more open to more improbable scenarios.

I think I would be able to relate to Daniels character and being skeptical of the time travel device but I would be anxious to be recruited to find answers.

I am a very logical person, I would want to see some hard evidence or a reason or method as to why someone thinks they have time traveled.

an ominous presence in the world of science...sounds like a cross between Massive Dynamic from Fringe and The Machine from Person of Interest. I suppose the question is are they using the machine for evil purposes? Are they protecting the machine from the likes of me? Perhaps, Daniel has been recruited by the bad guys...if it was me I would judge the people I have been recruited by and decide if I should throw in with them or distrust their motives.

message 3: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Spacey (brandonspacey) | 11 comments Thanks for the introduction, Lincoln. You can think of the ominous company like an evil version of Microsoft. It's a huge, shady company that takes a friend-of-a-friend connection to even get in.

I guess the real question is would you be willing to participate (and potentially get to take part in the time-travel) if you knew it was this shady company?

message 4: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (last edited Oct 01, 2013 12:55PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
an evil version of Microsoft ok so Google has time travel capability too?

I suppose I would be reluctant to trust my life to an evil empire...Imagining dudes from Star Trek asked to use the teleporter when it was first invented.
However, from Star Trek as well... "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"

A chance to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people I think I would risk it.

**Please excuse my NERD ALERT

message 5: by Howard (last edited Oct 04, 2013 05:07PM) (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments I read this book, a very original one that turns into a who-done-it, therefore count me out of the draw but Lincoln's questions are answered fully & in a plausible way that's a good fast-paced read, so don't be concerned.

message 6: by Amy, Queen of Time (last edited Oct 03, 2013 01:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 2210 comments Mod
I guess that the only reason not to believe that they had such a machine would be to think that someone was playing a big joke on me. So, I suppose there'd be nothing lost by at least being in a state of momentary gullibility from an elaborate practical joke. Of course, with hundreds of thousands of people turning up missing, if someone said that the machine was to blame for that, I might be more likely to think Big Evil Company might have something to do with it if there weren't any other plausible explanations out there.

However, given knowledge that the machine had been STOLEN from Big Evil Company, I'd probably opt out of becoming involved. I have a large aversion to becoming involved in anything remotely illegal, so I'd let someone else have the adventure ... unless my daughter had gone missing. Then I think I'd be beyond caring if what I did caused jail time or not.

message 7: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
What is the answer Brandon...Can you supply me the answer before I ask the question?

Little bit of Quantum Computing humor.

message 8: by Amy, Queen of Time (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 2210 comments Mod
Lincoln wrote: "What is the answer Brandon...Can you supply me the answer before I ask the question?

Little bit of Quantum Computing humor."

You're assuming the author has access to the stolen alleged time machine.

message 9: by Amy, Queen of Time (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 2210 comments Mod
By the way, for those of you who haven't already read this book, I strongly recommend it as a book which has characters that will be with you long after you finish. It's among my top 5 favorite time travel reads.

I lobbied in my review for Brandon to rename the book Cigarettes, Beer, Boobs, and Quantum Physics, but nothing has come of that suggestion yet. ;) My review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/....

message 10: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Spacey (brandonspacey) | 11 comments Thank you for the comments, Howard. And Amy, I appreciate the praise. Seeing how many time-travel tales you've read that makes me feel pretty good.

I did indeed consider renaming it as you suggested, but I didn't want to give away too much of the plot in the title.

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Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1728 comments Mod
I like the sound of this book. Our Amy and Space have both given it 5 star reviews.

Yay, back to time travel questions! Though I did enjoy the previous one, as it was deep but perhaps too deep for a lot of participation!

Because this question is set in a fictional reality, I have to imagine myself being a fictional friend of Daniel. Would I believe him? Sure! Time travel, a chance to be a hero? What the hell is Daniel waiting around for, take me to the blasted time machine right now! And if I die in the attempt...well I'm only a supporting fictional character, I'm probably wearing a red shirt too (Lincoln, you'll get that one, right? ;) )

But I'd like to take the liberty of indulging my thoughts into a real world scenario, split into two unconnected questions because I like each part's own stand-alone interesting considerations

First of all, what company would be a good candidate to build a secret quantum computer time machine? Well, although they are in the top ten largest companies in the world, Microsoft, Google, Apple are just too popular and not scientific or sinister enough, although I would at other times struggle to defend that they are not evil whenever I use Microsoft's horrific Windows Vista and Apple's Itunes. They are all about software and consumer based electronics by which the hardware is not even manufactured by themselves but by third party companies such as Samsung.

It would have to be a company that has enormous R&D spending. The top three are Microsoft, IBM and Intel. Now IBM have slipped into the shadows in recent years but are still in the top ten highest earners. Only recently they demonstrated the first animated short at atom level. Check this amazing feat out:


OK, not quantum particles but if they can do that with a tunneling microscope then what can they do with a quantum computer? But still, IBM are not sinister enough.

Now Google actually bought the first Quantum computer (the D Wave_)...but they have no idea what to do with it yet and they too are not shady enough for me.

What companies have billions in the bank are sinister but like to keep a low profile? Oil companies sure fit the sinister mould but they are not low profile. To be honest I cant think of any because I guess they doing a good job at keeping low profile arent they!) but what about the US government Defence...or CERN?

I think I like CERN to be the one to secretly build a Quantum computer powered time travel device.

Now for the real test. If a friend of mine, say at my Astronomical society at Royal Greenwhich Observatory (which I became a happy member of this year but I missed a CERN trip opportunity with them last month!) says he works for CERN and they built said device that can make humans time travel, would I believe him?

Nope! I'd need him to prove it. If it was a loved one or my very best friend...I would believe that they believe it but I would question what they have perceived. They could have been fooled themselves.

I love time travel fiction and I even believe in time travel itself because its happening all the time in out space-time reality, albeit the time travel is of the nature of relativity but I dont believe we can have the power or technology to build time travel machines to transport us through time at least not now.

Next, say I have been given proof, will I be a hero and save those missing scientists?

Nope, I am a coward and I sure as hell have no skill set to be of any asset to a rescue team apart from telling them what healthy food to eat. But if it were a loved one...yep I guess I would.

message 12: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Tej mentioned: 'It would have to be a company that has enormous R&D spending'

Primus Corporation.

Heh heh heh

message 13: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (last edited Oct 05, 2013 07:18AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
> I'm probably wearing a red shirt too (Lincoln, you'll get that one, right? ;) )

For those who don't know the supporting character on star trek gets killed. Spock, Kirk, and unknown name...who happens to be wearing a red shirt, get called on to investigate the planet or the derelict ship etc.

This nerd alert brought to you by a need to acknowledge Tej.

message 14: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Spacey (brandonspacey) | 11 comments So to change it up a bit, if you had a girlfriend / fiancee / wife / husband / lover who disappeared with the rest of the ghosters, would you be more inclined to join the rogue time-traveler to aid in bringing them back? You still have to break into the company and steal the computer.

message 15: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
I don't think my answer would change much...I would hope my personality would allow me not to be selfish and risk myself in hopes of saving so many other lives...on the other hand, I consider myself a good guy...would I rob, cheat, steal, or even kill on a random Thursday? I would have to say no. Would I do all of those things in defense of family...to answer honestly, I think I would be scared to death to kill...to go to war but I think I would given the right circumstances.

message 16: by Amy, Queen of Time (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 2210 comments Mod
Lincoln wrote: "I don't think my answer would change much...I would hope my personality would allow me not to be selfish and risk myself in hopes of saving so many other lives...on the other hand, I consider mysel..."

I have to agree on the selfish front. I suppose some might do it for the adventure, glory, honor, etc. But at the end of the day, I'd prefer my own safety. Change it up to a scenario where I'm trying to get back my kid, I think I'd become a different person. In role-playing games, I always like to choose characters opposite my personality: thieves, etc. It's always somewhat liberating in fiction to break from the social rules I tend to follow in real life. I'd think that the adrenaline rush you'd get from breaking and entering for the sake of the life of a loved one would be quite exhilarating. And you'd need such a rush to overcome your normal fears and inclinations I'd think.

message 17: by Art (new) - added it

Art (artfink02) | 97 comments Absolutely. If I had a chance to save a loved one, especially if I had the skills and knowledge necessary. Situations where a drastic response is necessary, if approached well, should bring the whole of society up.

Debbie | 84 comments Wow, this books sounds great! I also like Amy's description of it.
I know it would take a lot to get me to believe the unbelievable. I like hard evidence. But that is why I subscribe so heavily to books and the stories within them!
I have fantasized so hard in my heard about time traveling that I would be a fool to pass up an opportunity to experiment. If it were to save some one I loved then I would take the risk without a second thought!

Kellie | 1 comments This is a great book. I also like Amy's review. The characters made it for me too. I connected with them. They are so real; felt like they were my close friends. Amy, I think you called it quite right...it could just as aptly be titled, Cigarettes, Beer, Boobs, and Quantum Physics.

Now, to the questions...
I’m very logical and would want some sort of proof. Not sure what exactly that proof would need to be, but something that clearly indicated time-travel had occurred. And then yes, I could believe it. And would even be quite excited about the prospect of such.

Yes, absolutely I would participate. What an incredibly intriguing mission! I think I would undoubtedly jump at the chance to be a part of something so revolutionary. It would be fascinating to experience such ground-breaking technologies first-hand. Now, if I knew the computer had come from one of the big, shadies…well, yeah, I would defiantly have apprehensions. However, if the parties involved with helping return the ghosted people truly have good intentions, then sign me up. I would be thrilled and excited to join the team to bring back the missing people. I imagine I would also feel anxious and a little fearful, but still very eager for the opportunity. Sounds like one helluva exhilarating trip!

message 20: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Spacey (brandonspacey) | 11 comments Thanks to everyone for participating in the discussion. Since there are only three here who have not read the book, I'm going to go ahead and give them all a copy of the book. I'll send the paperback to Debbie, and an ebook to Tej and Art.

Enjoy, friends. Thanks again.

message 21: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Thanks again to Brandon for being willing to giveaway his book to our lucky winners.

Congrats, Tej, Art and Debbie

Make sure to leave an honest review of the book for others to see.

message 22: by Tej (last edited Nov 01, 2013 01:17PM) (new) - added it

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1728 comments Mod
I finally won a book! Woohoo!!! For so long I have waited for this day. I feel powerful. I will now diminish, and go into the West, and remain Tej.

Congrats to Debbie and Art too!...wait, we are the only ones who havent read the book?! We are the odd ones out? Hmphh, need to correct that statistic very soon!

Thank you Brandon and Lincoln for another enjoyable Book give away.

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