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I thought I'd post this here since it will reach a lot of book moochers that way and you can't post Magazine's on Good Reads. I've been rummage saling like crazy the last few weeks and I've acquired TONS of Magazines. The ones I've gotten rid of in the past were pretty popular on Book Mooch (they were my personal subscriptions just lying around the house.) so I picked them up as I was out and about because most people either had boxes for really cheap or just wanted to give them away and I thought hey I can find these a home. I have a bunch listed on there and stacks of about 50 different type here still to list. (they require searches and hand listing so they take a while to list) But anyway I wanted to mention because if someone on here was a person that liked to use their book mooch points to pick up magazines I have a bunch listed and will be listing more over the next week. They're all two for one (because lets face it a magazine is not the same value as a book) I hope this isn't like a faux pas on here. I just figured that I could mention if people were interested. Id on there is jdonnelly14 if you're interested. I have books too but at this second the magazines are outweighing the books.

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Cameron (220340) | 30 comments kids geroafic are fun magazines. don't forget ranger rick! i love weird but true, naghty pets, sports oh no funnies, fill in the blank,amazing anamals,etc. ask me what i like and i will say is i like it or not! please and thanks!:)

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