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The Storyteller's Daughter

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Michelle | 3 comments Mod
What are your thoughts on The Storyteller's Daughter, by Saira Shah?

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Michelle | 3 comments Mod
This book by Saira Shah was very interesting. I cannot imagine putting on a shalwar kameez, pretending to be a young man, and trekking around Afgahnistan with the Mujahideen during Afghanistan's war with the Soviet Union. What an amazing and unforgettable experience that must have been. For me, I felt Shah's book shed some light upon how difficult it is to live in two different worlds. On the one hand she grew up in the west, and on the other hand she was raised with a fierce love of her family's native Afghanistan which always seemed to call her back. I myself was born and raised in the United States, but converted to Islam more than ten years ago. I felt that Saira Shah's book really spoke to me in very profound way. I too feel at times that I come from two very different worlds which can be very difficult to navigate. I am a Muslim and I am an American. Islam is not only my religion but my lifestyle as well. Everything I do is rooted in Islam. I then have to try to reconcile my Islamic way of life with my extended family that is Christian. This, in the wake of 9/11 and with all of the stereotypes and misconceptions that abound about Islam and Muslims, has been very difficult at times.

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