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Ef Rodriguez I read this on a whim after noticing it at the Boulder Public Library. I've never come across anyone else who's read it, largely because it's difficult to find.

However, if you do come across a copy - read it feverishly! It's raw and strange.

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B I've had this for years - I picked it up as a youngster working for a book club - For me it captured legendary beauties in a less obvious way - which is what I prefer when considering the elegance of a woman.

Michael Brown I got my copy by chance in 1991 when I was at an English language bookshop in Berlin. I was standing at the counter buying a couple of other things when I spotted it. It wasn't even for sale, the guy in the shop was reading it, but he generously sold it to me anyway, probably influenced by my pathetic wheedling about how long I'd been looking for it. Took me a while to getting round to reading it and despite being another example of Mailer's Monroephiliac hagiography (if I can force a phrase) I thought it was an intriguing curiosity.

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