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Margaret Oh, I forgot to say I found the 3rd book heavy going - his concepts of reality are difficult to grasp sometimes, and although I felt the movie was about fighting for the right, I didn't really get the last book and still have to finish it - sometime.

MizziQ I loved it! :) I hope it was okay for you. It was a bit sad but I really loved it! :)

J.D. Field I thought it was really sad, but I liked the way it made me have to think...

MizziQ Yha. I was deep in thought hours after I finished. I think I may have sat in stunned silence for like 30 minutes. :) It made you think a lot about sacrifice and love. :) It was good tho.

Sabine Reed Could not watch the movie, as reading the book was sad enough. But overall, I enjoyed the imagination of the author, and it was a fabulous series to read.

MizziQ The movie wasn't all that great though so I don't think you missed much. I own the 1st and 2nd book so I love going back to them and re-reading.

Scott I loved the movie; it was a fine adaptation and I'm sad that it won't be continued.

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