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Series question... Where to begin

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Tommy I didn't realize when I picked this up that it is the second installment in a series. I wonder if this will make sense if I read it out of order or if it would be better to hold off until I've read the Last Jihad. Any thoughts?

Roxanne Thomas I would recommend reading the books in order. They feed into each other in a way that makes much more sense if they are read in order.

Cassondra I agree that you might want to start at the beginning, but I started in the middle, and I got it eventually. I hate starting series in the middle, though, as subsequent books always reference things that happened in previous books and these references can be confusing. Up to you!

Tommy Thank you for your guidance. Do either of you know the name of the first book in the series?

Cassondra The first book was called "The Last Jihad." Then, there are:

2-"The Last Days"
3-"The Ezekiel Option"
4-"The Copper Scroll"
5-"Dead Heat"

These books are so neat because of the strange things that happened. He would write about something, and then a few months later, it would happen (though not necessarily in the same way). Like the war in Iraq and things. It was really neat.

These books are interesting and fun. Enjoy!

Tommy I'm really glad I asked because I thought the Last Days was #5 and would have completely read them out of order.

Thank you for the guidance.

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John Since you've got that part of your question answered I just want to let you know I really enjoyed this series

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Den Slattery The first three books of this series are great. Book four was good, but book five just didn't deliver the impact that the others had.

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