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message 1: by Denny (new)

Denny Fried (goodreadscomdenny) | 1 comments I honestly believe that adults who torture or severely abuse animals should be killed. (Don't worry, I'm not speciest. I think that adults who purposely cause severe injury to other people should be killed. I also think that people who ruin lives like Madoff did should be killed.)

(In the interest of full disclosure, in another life I was a philosophy professor.)

Denny Fried

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't think they should be killed.

message 3: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth (lizzardbreath) I agree, may, just because they hurt an animal doesn't mean they have to die, if they kill though I think they should be punished severely but still not killed.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Honestly....i'm gonna have to be with Denny on this one...

message 5: by Kris (new)

Kris Mcconville (kmcconville) | 2 comments I agee with Denny on this one. I think that any animal abuser should have to face the same torture or abuse that he/she did to the animal. Eye for an eye so to speak. Then again I'm an animal activist so I don't believe that someone who kills an animal should be treated any differently than a person who killed a person or a child. There is a proven fact of a circle of violence. Most serial killers will admit that they abused animals when they were young. The vicious cycle has to stop. I think that any person convicted of animal cruelty (felony) should be on a registery just like the child molesters and other sex offenders. AND they should never be able to OWN any animal ever again.

message 6: by Petunia (new)

Petunia | 9 comments This debate doesn't have a simple answer. The only real way to answer it is to say that it should have the same answer as a human murder case. Not every murderer is killed for his/her actions. Not every animal murderer should necessarily be killed.

Lexphie (The Animal Lover) | 24 comments I think that they should get severely punished but life is a special thing and having to take away two would be really sad

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