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Did anyone else get super pissed off at Margo?
Serena Serena Sep 21, 2013 09:39AM
Margo was too complicated and whiney for me to like her. During Quentin's long and exhausting search for her, I just got more and more aggrivated. And when they find her, she's a total bitch. Margo, along with Alaska are the only two characters of John Green's books that I really don't care for. Any thoughts?

I think, as many have mentioned, John Green may have been intentionally showing us how obsession with the idea of a person is not the same as actually caring for the real person. It's not even the same as actually caring for your idea. Most crushes, though, are stemmed and/or based off only an idea, an individual's surface understanding, of someone. So, Q's obsession, while not truly healthy for creating an ideal relationship, is not unreasonable.

And, yes. Margo made me mad. I like when authors make me mad, though, so I didn't view it as a problem. Also, Q and his friends were fairly amusing, so it wasn't as though we had to put up with Margo herself. Only her antics. Of course, they are what made her so unlikable. Yet, maybe this is again to illustrate a point that sometimes people do things that are selfish and dumb and crazy, and yet somehow even with all their flaws, they are still worth searching for.

I don't know. Just some thoughts.

I'm not pissed off at Margo, because in reality she was just being herself. I could relate to her in a lot of ways. Like the book said we all have different ideas of who people are, but we can't become them. Margo is like the wounded man; you can't feel her pain all you can do is ask where she's hurt.
Her and Alaska both are prime examples of how we truly don't know what the person next to us is going through; they were both cracked, but in different ways. Alaska went through more than anyone ever though because she wore the mask of the "cool" girl who had everything all put together and had no problems. And Margo was the same way (but she didn't go through as much as Alaska).
I think the reason why some of you are pissed with her is because she subverted the idea of masks. We use them all the time for different reasons, and when Margo leaving and going missing at times was her taking off her mask and her being the real Margo. And to be honest that makes me respect her character.
Just some of my thoughts on things.

Margo was a character that I definitely didn't like but I think she was almost necessary. She had to be that annoying and whiny and generally un-likebale to get the main point of the book across- that you can't be in love with your idea of someone, you have to love the real them. I think at the end of the book when Q realises that he enjoys spending time with Margo but that he won't try any more to get her to come back is the peak of the story as it shows how Q's character has grown in such a short time from the boy chasing an unreal love to a man who is letting someone that, in reality, he doesn't know and doesn't love.

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I was the same (but I didn't care much for Q either, who was too obsessed with her breasts for my liking), however, during the discussions of the book here I have come to accept that she was meant to be unlikable (and that perhaps it was Green's point there to tell us that, no, Q's not in love - he's obsessed with his idea of her).

I'm pissed off with Margo too , but quite with Q too because like others have said he's too obsessed with the idea of Margo and too attached with their past .

I thought she was lying to him when she said she never intended for him to look for her....She left a major clue in the hinges of his door! The internet clue left a specific date/time...I found this part of the book completely disingenuous and not believable.

Naisa Mendoza She left clues but not for Q to find HER. She left clues for Q to find the Osprey. which explains the door.
Mar 09, 2014 01:23AM

This was a pretty exciting book for me when Quentin was looking for Margo. But I got really upset with Margo when she did not care enough that Quentin had exerted much effort.

it got me and my boyfriend pissed off that margo didn't seemed happy to see him and that he found her but she was like " what are you doing here"?

uummm yes.

for half the book I though she was dead. I thought they would find her body and a suicide note featuring walt Whitman...but no..

It's been a while since I read this one. But I remember not liking Margo as well. But I agree that John Green intended for her to be that way to show that Quentin was in love with what HE THOUGHT her to be. Kinda like that Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing we see in popular media.

Yeah, Margo seriously pissed me off. Especially at the end...

Margo was being herself, but yes she bugged me. Alaska though? No. The primary difference between Margo and Alaska, is that Alaska tended to suppress her emotions - whereas Margo let them out. I feel like Margo could control herself, but Alaska had deeper issues with no way to express that. She was broken and being a brat, but Margo was only cracked - yet she acted the same way.

I think it was a good book but i was just expecting for Margo to come home with Q and it would it be very happy but i was shocked.

You'll fall in love with the way Margo was described from the start of the story. But until the last few chapters, you're gonna be really disappointed with her. But anyways, I think Q deserves to be happy, sadly, it's not really with Margo.

That didn't get me mad as much as it annoyed me as much as when Margo realized that she loved him back and then they had this moment when they were lovers at the end.Then John Green had them leave in separate ways instead of progressing the wild adventure/journey with friends,and now each other except now in love.I personally want a Paper Towns 2 book and movie to see where the group ends up next after graduation and where Quentin and Margo's relationship goes as well as Radar's and Ben.

Annie I think Margo's personality isn't what it seems to be.She doesn't really have one yet she's trying to be alone while she finds out who she really is b ...more
Sep 27, 2015 03:05PM

At first I was pissed off at her and I felt bad about Q, but if you realize, that's the way Margo is, and maybe that's the way a lot of us are. Quentin just felt in love with his idea of Margo, not with her, sadly for him, she wasn't the way he though. But no, I'm not pissed off at Margo right now, I feel she's just the way she is, she didn't change for anyone, not Q, not her family, anyone; she's how she is and that's the point

she seriously pissed me off... I honestly thought that Q could and should have fallen for someone a bit more for him.

I think that she was meant to be unlikeable.Like Q figured out along the book , he never really knew her.He just loved the idea that Margo was perfect and never really see her as a person or in this case kind of a mean one.

But I got to say that I didn't buy Margo's``I didn't want you to find me``story,I mean, all the clues sounds like too much job to do it just in a short period of time!So maybe she was trying to see if Q cared enough to look for her.


Acting like bitchy bratty one.

I mean, what's so special about her?
Is she worth it?
omg, I LOVE Q, BUT he's seems stupid for rooting Margo.
I just don't get it.


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I did not like this book. The heroine was of course so "special" and "different" and of course beautiful. SHe was in fact a spoiled judgemental brat. They paint her parents as so horrible they weren't. Hey why can't a geekly smart guy ever fall in love with a geeky band girl, why does it always have to be this supposed cool popular girl who never noticed him before until he does something supposedly cool. UGH this was so contrived and not believable dialogue at all. I really hated Margo Roth Spiegleman. SHe only thinks about herself and yes they do address that in the book. I am so sick of these kinds of stories where the nice geeky guy pines for the untouchable popular girl. The geeky band of the three guys I could buy, but not that they end up with the hot popular chicks. I am probably too old for this type of book.

It's not that I didn't like her. I don't feel like I ever truly knew her. No one did and I suppose that was the point of the novel. Quentin was obsessed with an image or a notion of an ideal girl that he developed in his mind all on his own and that wasn't the real Margo. It's not Margo's fault that she doesn't quite live up to the pedestal fantasy girl that Quentin made her out to be.

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