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Recommend To Others?

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message 1: by Dylan (new)

Dylan Demar | 5 comments I know that this was briefly mentioned in another conversation, but I don't think that it was directly answered by more than a couple of people. Would you (anyone) recommend this book to other people to read? Why or why not? I'm curious because at first I said that I would not recommend this to others, but I have thought about it and now I am at a stand-still and cannot decide if I actually enjoyed the book enough to tell others to read it. What do you think?

message 2: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Bendes | 5 comments I am on the same page as you, Dylan. Throughout the book, I found myself hating the characters, events, writing style--basically the entire book. However, after blogging about the story and reading through others' posts, I have come to like Twains revolutionary brilliance. I admire Huck and his emotional growth, Jim and his well-natured...nature, Tom and his crazy imagination. I think I would now recommend this book others. I would, however, recommend a slightly different process than the one that we did. I think that we should have been blogging on good-reads from beginning to end. Instead of answering the questions for homework, we should have had to have written two posts, per two chapters. I think I would have liked the book a lot more if I had been thinking about it the way I do now during the book. So, all in all, I think I agree with the opinion that this is the greatest classic American book of all time. I would recommend this book to others but I would want them to read it at their leisure, not on a required time basis.

message 3: by Arianarosevear (new)

Arianarosevear | 4 comments I would recommend this book to others because it is not a hard read, but it has a lot of depth. When I first picked up the book, I was almost picturing a book I would have read in kindgergarten. But as i continued to read on, I realized it deals with the same issues that a book with 1000 pages and dictionary based words.

message 4: by Naoki (new)

Naoki | 4 comments I would recommend this book to others. Although the ending was bad, beginning of the book was exciting. It was adventurous.Huck and Jim decided to escape from civilization. And they got freedom. Nervertheless, the story got worse when they met duke and king. The beginning of the book was exciting. So, I would recommned others for first 40pages..

message 5: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Johanna | 2 comments I would reccomend this book to anyone, my Mom or even friends. However, i would not reccomend this book for fun but so whomever i reccomend it to will learn a moral from it. Also, the book has many adventrues, and different conflicts and its not predictable. Before I reccomend it i will advise them that I did not like the ending that much, and do read what Jim says outloud.

message 6: by Luke (new)

Luke | 5 comments I would recommend this book to others, but whether or not I recommend it, racism will always exist. Everyone is a little racist although many of us hate to admit it.

message 7: by Schindler (new)

Schindler | 4 comments I wouldn't recommend this book, because it has some really harsh language. Some people also might be really offended by it. I especially wouldn't recommend it young people, because younger people are more influenced. I think this book is only suited for a select crowd, like teachers or really good readers.

message 8: by Alan (new)

Alan Dweck | 4 comments I would definetly reccommend this book to others. Even those who take offense to certain words. I say this because this book is a teaching tool and holds more lessons than it does pain. This is truly a great book that teaches the reader about racism and about slavery in a white and black mans life.

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