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I hate shopping

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I hate that you don't understand the concept of Capitalism. It was a privilege to stand in line for 20-30 minutes at the store! It was a privilege for you to hand them your hard-earned money for their overpriced crap. So, dammit woman, put your change away on your own time! Stop holding up the line. You're slowing down the rip-off process. Commie!

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Your revolution will come to nothing, Pinkie.

Because as you try to put me in my place with your change purse, I will toss my Capitalist Pig credit cards on the floor before you which will make you slip and fall (lightly) and become distracted by the change which has tumbled from your hand.

You'll be too busy picking it up to notice I've long escaped into the night (or day, depending on when you're planning the revolution; oh, and please try not to start it on a Thursday evening 'cause I'll be busy with LOST - thanks). Ha!

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Damn you, Pinkie, and your credit card experience!

But you will not thwart me. I work in an office hell where paper cuts are the wages! The blood of my toil clings to reports and memos everywhere, literally! Bring on the crisp dollar bills! You can't scare me! (Although, we could probably talk about this over chocolate. I mean, is there a hurry for the revolution? We've waited this long we could wait a couple of more hours. I don't mind holding off a bit if it means sharing a chocolate Easter Bunny and maybe discussing the latest revolutionary fashion trends. Just a thought.) I triple dog dare "Ha" you!

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