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Paige (pagebypaigereviews) Harmony got out of her car and walked up to the high school with a sleepy expression. She wasn't too excited about her first day at a new school. She wore a pink shirt with a black dahlia in the corner. Her giant stack of books slowed her down. A curtain of blond hair with purple streaks limited her vision, that explains... ~crash~

"I'm sorry!" Harmony apologizes as she bends down and starts picking up her books.

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As she looked up, she saw a very pretty, tall girl watching her intently.
"Hello" she greets Harmony quietly. Harmony noticed she had a very lilting, light voice.
"My name is Hazel, yours?"
"Uhh...Harmony." Harmony watched the girl Hazel bend over in one smooth motion and gather all her books and papers. She noticed Hazel had a weird mixture of hair colors. It was mostly a dark black, but there was deep reds, purples, and blues mixed in. She wore a black, mini-dress that fit her form perfectly. Below her left shoulder was a tiny onyx pin in the shape of a dahlia.
"Dahlia, hmm, witch." Harmony thought.

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At the school parking lot, a girl with flowing black hair and sparling silver eyes saw some one bent over their books,she ran up and helped them.

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"Hi! I'm Midnight. Would you guys like some help?" Midnight watched as the tall girl with the strange hair straighten up.
"No, we're fine." She smiled slowly, "This is Harmony." Harmony was a pretty, tall girl who had a sleepy expression on her face.
"Hello. I just here, uh ran into Hazel literally and she helped pick my stuff up."

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Midnight smiled and thought that these two looked familiar to her. When she saw Harmony's shirt she whispered,"Witch?"

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Harmony's dreamy expression lit up with a smile. She nodded quickly and tilted her head towards Hazel.
"You know Hazel?" Melody asked.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, we do know each other." Hazel replied quietly and slowly.
"What circle are you in Midnight?" Melody asked.

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Midnight softly said,"Werewolf. I'm a member of Circle daybreak....what about you?"

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"Harmony is also from Circle me and you." Hazel replied.
"Well, now we all know each other!!!" she added while flipping her unusually-colored hair over her shoulders.

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Midnight nodded to her and said,"Well I'll see you too later." She quickly went into the school and met up with Opal. A vampire in circle daybreak.

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"Have you seen the new witch? Harmony?" Midnight asked Opal anxiously.

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Opal nodded and said,"Yeah,I wonder what circle they belong to."

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"I know for a fact she's part of Circle Daybreak." Midnight hastily replied.
"Well, let's go meet them." Opal said.

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Meanwhile, Hazel had called Harmony over to her locker. When Harmony had arrived, she saw a handsome and cute tall guy with Hazel.
"Oh there you are Harmony! This is Parker, and Parker, this is Harmony." Hazel lowered her voice.
"Parker is also a witch."
"Wow! You don't find male witches that often anymore." Harmony replied.
"Hello, nice to meet you." Parker grinned michieviously. Midnight and Opal watched as Hazel and Parker look at each other in a way that would only mean...yep, they were going out. Opal cleared her throat.
"Oh, yeah, sorry." Hazel mumbled as if snapping out of a trance. She lowered her voice again.
"We're soulmates." she whispered quietly to Harmony.

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The bell ran above them.
"Well, that's the bell! See you guys during lunch!!!" Hazel said brightly as she and Parker walked to their homeroom hand-in-hand.

As Midnight walked into her homeroom, she thought, "This is going to be a good year after all!!!"
As soon as she stepped in, someone called out excitedly.
"Hey Midnight!!!" It was Kyle. Kyle was a human who was Midnight's soulmate. She had already told him about the Night World and he had sworn to secrecy.

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Kyle bounded across the room and hugged her.
"Hey, I missed ya girl! Where've you been the whole weekened???"

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"Getting more people for the circle. You?" Midnight replied as she hugged him back.
"Looking for you."
"By the way Kyle, I just met a new witch girl who is also part of Circle Daybreak. Let's get everyone part of Circle Daybreak together today after school."
"Okay, sure, no problem. I'll go recruit the other kids about it."

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The day passed by quickly. Soon it was lunch.
Briiiiiiing!!! The bell rings. Students hurry out of classes into the hallways and went on the lunchroom. When Midnight and Opal arrived; Hazel and Parker were already there, cuddling each other. They sat down and passed around a few greetings. Next came Kyle. And finally, Harmony.
"Sorry guys!!! I got lost in the hallway, but luckily a teacher helped me out."
"No problem. We haven't started to eat yet." Hazel replied in a nonchalant tone.
"Yes, oh and by the way Harmony, would you care to join us for a Circle Daybreak meeting today after school? It will be in the corner coffeeshop next to the library." Midnight asked.
"Yeah! Sure I'll be there!"

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Soon the Harmony's first day of school passed by before she knew it. As soon as she got all her stuff jammed in an un-orderly fashion in her bag and called her mom that she was going to be a bit late home, she plodded down to the coffeeshop. Before she was even in the shop she could already smell the coffee. She inhaled its goodness deeply. Harmony walked in and saw the others already there talking and laughing. She walked over quietly. Parker and Hazel were sitting really close to each other, and Kyle was sitting by Midnight; his arm around her shoulders. Harmony slid into the booth and they all said their hellos.

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As Harmony settled down and got comfortable, she noticed three new people.
"Oh that's right, you haven't met them yet Harmony." Hazel lifted her hand towards the three.
"This is Wood, he is a Circle Daybreak member. Wood is a shape-shifter." Hazel finished. Wood nodded towards Harmony. He looked like a football player and he looked cute enough.
"This is Dawn, Wood's soulmate too. Dawn is also a shape-shifter part of Circle Daybreak." Dawn extended her arm delicately out and offered it to Harmony. She accepted it and they shook gently.
"Pleased to meet you." Dawn replied in an icy sort of tone.
"Don't mind her, she talks like that." Midnight reassured her.
"And last of all, but not least," Hazel began again, "This is Daniel. He is a vampire like Opal and can read minds--"
"And I'm not Opal's soulmate," Daniel interrupted and ended for Hazel.
"I already knew what you were going to say!" he finished and protested.
"Oh pul-eeze Daniel! You know I hate it when you invade our thoughts like that!!!"
"Sorry." Daniel still had his teasing smile on.
"Charmed." Daniel said, kissing Harmony's hand.
"Oh...heh." Harmony pulled her arm back instinctively. Midnight made a snorting noise. As soon as Harmony hand grazed Daniel's, she felt as if a electric shock went through her.
"Don't scare Harmony away on her first day of school here!!! Yup, these are all the Night World students there are here." Midnight informed her.

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They chatted and sipped their coffee in the coffeeshop. Soon, it began to get late and Harmony said she had to go. Daniel offered her a ride since he also had to go...or so he said.
"I can take you home Harmony. I'm supposed to go home now too."
"Oh! Um...sure." Harmony accepted his invite. They both picked up their jackets and paid for their drinks. Harmony thought, "There can't be any harm in letting him drive me home!!!"

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Paige (pagebypaigereviews) Harmony pushed open the door to the shop.

"So, you just moved here?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah," replied Harmony "We moved in last week."

Daniel walked up to a silver Ford Fusion and opened the passenger door. Harmony sat down and he gently shut the door, ran to the other side and hopped in all before Harmony could grab her seat buckle.

"Wow, you're really fast." Harmony said in an astonished voice while Daniel started the car up.

"Oh, all vampires have superhuman speed, Don't you know that?" He asked, obviously proud that he had impressed her.

"Well, yes I knew that, but I haven't met many vampires, and when I do they're usually in public." Harmony explained.

She felt gentle pressure in her head, not physical, but mental. She put a wall around her thoughts. This she had experienced with vampires. They could be so nosey sometimes.

"I was just trying to find directions to your house," he explained, with a surprised voice. "I haven't met many people with as much control over their thoughts as you." He complimented.

"Thanks, I guess," she replied "And you could have just asked you know. Turn left here." she said without letting her guard down. "It's this one." She pointed to her house.

Daniel stopped the car. "See you tomarrow!" He called as Harmony got out.

"Bye," she said and shut the door.

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Opal was fixing a cold glare on Hazel. Hazel looked at her and asked,"Is something wrong?" Opal pretended to think,"Um,let's see,"she started,"you thought that Daniel and I were soulmates." Hazel looked surprised and said,"I'm sorry,is there a problem with that?" Opal snorted and go gracefully got up. She grabbed her jacket and said,"I need to go home." and left quickly.

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As soon as Opal left, Hazel had recovered from shock and asked,
"Did I say something wrong?" while raising her hands up in exasperation.

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Paige (pagebypaigereviews) "I guess you found her soft spot," Dawn said with a shrug.

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"She has a soft spot? Hah!" Wood remarked taking a big chug on his coffee.

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It soon got dark, and the rest of Circle Daybreak said their goodbyes and see you tomorrows and all went their way.

Hazel had picked up her white shawl, while Parker slid on his jacket. Parker offered to drive Hazel home instead of calling a taxi for her. They climbed into Parker's black, sleek Acura SUV; the ride to Hazel's house was quiet. When they arrived, as she climbed out, Parker also came out.
"Hazel? Text me later tonight?"
"Hmm? Okay. Love ya."
They both walked towards each other and hugged. Parker slightly bent down and kissed Hazel on the lips softly.
"Good night Hazel." he called after her as she walked through the doorway.

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That night, as soon as she had taken a nice, steamy bath and got into bed, Hazel found her cellphone and texted Parker.

Hazel: u awake?
Parker: yeah
Hazel: so, wat r u doin
Parker: listenin 2 my sis whine about her dress
Hazel: lol, wat do u tink of the new girl harmony?
Parker: shes ok, but did u notice how she and daniel pulled their hands away quickly when they touched???
Hazel: yes!!!
Parker: i suppose they r soulmates... :)
Hazel: whoo! that would be freakin awesome! well, gotta get some sleep!!! cya tomorrow!
Parker: ok, cu l8r. <3<3<3
Hazel: <3

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After finishing her text conversation with Parker, Hazel started to text Harmony.

Hazel: harmony? u there?
Harmony: yeah?
Hazel: so, how was it with daniel??? ;)
Harmony: o stop teasing me! all he did was drive me home!!!!
Hazel: ya know, parker and i believe u guys r soulmates
Harmony: i think so 2!
Hazel: we'll discuss more l8r, 4 now, we need sleep!
Harmony: no kidding, cya tomorrow
Hazel: night

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Midnight was sitting in her room when her cell phone buzzed. She looked at caller ID and saw it was Kyle. She quickly texted him back.

Midnight: Hey,Kyle.
Kyle: Hey.
Midnight: So,what did you think of Harmony?
Kyle: She's cool,but did you see the way she looked after Daniel touched her?
Midnight: Yeah......she looked......shocked......
Kyle: Yeah,like you did after we first met.
Midnight: Shup up.
Kyle: Shup?
Midnight: Yes,I said shup. Deal with it!
Kyle: Okay......well,I was calling to say that I'm going to my uncle's for the weekend
Midnight: Which one?
Kyle: The one that plays football.
Midnight: Ouch,well,I'll miss you.
Kyle: Kay,bye.
Midnight: Bye.

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Opal decided to text Midnight before she started to finish her novel for class.

Midnight: Hey,Opal,you just woke me up.
Opal: Yeah....well....ya know how Hazel thought Danny and I were soulmates?
Midnight: Yes,and why do you call him Danny?
Opal: Cuz,I can.
Midnight: Okay then.........
Opal: Well,it made me realize that I'm the only one without a soulmate.
Midnight: Not true!
Opal: Yes!
Midnight: No!
Opal: Look at you,Dawn,Hazel,and Harmony! You all have soulmates!
Midnight: *sigh* Can talk about this in the morning?
Opal: Fine
Midnight: Bye-bye.
Opal: Later.

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As midnight came around, someone was still awake. He was a vampire with red hair and red eyes that seemed as if they could stare right through you. He shuffled around his new room in silence.

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The next day, everyone in Circle Daybreak stood in the parking lot and talked for awhile. Dawn was the first to notice a new kid on campus. He had flaming red hair and intense red eyes. Circle Daybreak immediately stopped talking and watched as he neared.
"Hey, I'm Areth. Circle Daybreak vampire." he extended a hand out and cocked his head questioningly. Opal was the first to react.
"Welcome to Elsarida High School. I'm Opal, vampire of Circle Daybreak."
As soon as their hands touched, Opal and Areth seemed to jump three feet apart.
"Whoa." Parker muttered.

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Hazel quickly jumped in the conversation.
"Hi! I'm Hazel, this is my soulmate Parker." At the word 'soulmate' Areth narrowed his eyes.
"You believe in the soulmate principle?"
"Well, yes. Basically you know that person is your soulmate if you have skin-to-skin contact with them and you feel as if electricity went through you." Parker replied. Opal felt her heart beat faster. She had felt an electrical current rush through her as she touched Areth's hand. Areth looked panicky too.
"Um...well, you've met Opal. This is Dawn and her soulmate is Wood. Midnight and Kyle here are also soulmates. This is Harmony and Daniel. They both haven't found their soulmate yet. Neither has Opal." Not until now thought Opal. Hazel continued.
"Dawn and Wood are shapeshifters, Harmony, Parker and I are witches. Opal, and Daniel are vampires like you. Midnight is a werewolf. And that leaves Kyle, and he's a...uh human. But the point is that we're all part of Circle Daybreak." Hazel finished.
"Well, nice to meet all of you. I'll see you guys later." Areth walked away silently after that. Dawn made a noise that sounded like she was snorting.
"Well somebody is grouchy!"
"Speak for yourself Dawn." Midnight replied back.

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Dawn glared at her. All the classes before lunch passed uneventfully. Unless you count how Opal kept freaking herself out that she might be soulmates with Areth.

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As Opal walked into the lunch room,she did her best to hide from Areth.

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No such thing happened. As soon as she walked into the cafeteria, Harmony and the others called her over. And unfortunately, she also ended up sitting by Areth. She smiled weakly. Everyone noticed how they were sitting in a way where they were avoiding contact with each other.

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"So," Harmony spoke up, desperately trying to strike up a conversation, "have you found your soulmate yet?" Everyone looked at Areth. He shifted slightly away from Opal.
"No, I don't believe in the soulmate principle."
"But you have got to! The Old Powers are waking Areth." Hazel whispered.

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Paige (pagebypaigereviews) "Yeah? That's a load of rubbish." He said with absolute conviction.

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"Maybe not." Opal said quietly looking at her food and avoiding everyones' eyes. Areth glanced uneasily at her.

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Opal rolled her eys and thought,really? then you must not have felt that shock that means we're soulmates.

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Areth thought back to her.
"No. The Old Powers are NOT awakening and I am NOT your soulmate."
"Why don't you face it...Areth?"
Opal thought back and daring herself to say his name.

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Opal was getting testy. Face it, you and I are soulmates. she thought towards him.

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"Why are you being so stubborn?! The Old Powers are awakening, we all know it! And you're here sitting and pretending it's not happening!!! It IS happening, Areth. The apocalypse is drawing near."

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Areth glared at her and thought,Why are you so convinced about all this?!"

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"Because it's TRUE!!!" Opal thought back forcefully.

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No it's NOT!!!"

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Paige (pagebypaigereviews) By this time the others had noticed Areth and Opal's fierce staring at each other.

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Paige (pagebypaigereviews) "Are you guys okay?" Daniel asked, after finally ripping his gaze away from Harmony.

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Opal was still glaring at Areth.

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No one knew what they were talking about, but Daniel pried into their conversation.
"Hey, guys? Cut it out. We're all watching you guys!!!"
"You stay out of this."
Areth growled back.
"Okay, okay." Opal felt Daniel's presense leave quickly.

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