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This is for ppl who want to take part in the world of demigods...

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You can be the child of any god...even minor gods.(just make sure you know all the details). It can take place anywhere as long as it gets to Camp Halfblood at least once

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I'll start...(ps, try to make up characters that DON'T actually use your own name...)

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Ariana stared at her book in frustration. Stupid dyslexia! Why was she the only one? She sighed and raked her fingers through her long brown hair.
"Ariana! Stop fidgeting!" snapped Bridget. She looked more anxious than usual.
Oh yeah...Bridget had dyslexia too.
"Sorry bridge.."she whispered, but bridget had already looked ahead. Ariana sighed.It looked like another boring day at school

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suddenly, all the windows shattered. a sphinx? at her midddle school?
Ariana's heart thudded. She turned her head and saw Bridget coming at her. Bridget yanked her out of the way and started running out the door.
"Bridge! where are we going?" ariana shouted.
"To a place you'll be safe,"Bridget yelled. "now run!"

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"You would say the same thing about gods.." bridget breathed.
"But they don't exist! This..this isn't real!" ariana cried.
"Then look at your hands!"
ariana did. They were glowing yellow.
"What..what is this?" she asked.
"you are a demigod. One of your parents is a god."

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"Just listen. and listen anyway. My mother is Demeter. I have some of her powers. Watch." Bridget commanded. She stopped suddenly and turned to the sphinx. Nothing happened but suddenly grass was growing, vines were creeping, and soon the sphinx was covered with growth and flowers.
The sphinx gave a roar but to no avail. The vines were covered in ripe fruits.
Ariana stared at Bridget in awe.

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" did you do that?" Ariana cried.
Bridget ignored the question." Do you believe me now?"
"I'm...I'm still not sure..."
"What do I have to do to make you believe me, Ars? I've been your best friend for..."
"That;s exactly it! bridge, you've been my friend since forever, and the only time we're apart is when your at camp. How am I suppossed to believe this..this insanity?!"
"I'm sorry Ars."

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"Sorry?? Sorry!!! You know..." Ariana cut off when suddenly a hand clamped her mouth shut.
Bridget looked relieved."I didn't think you'd come Peter. You brought Tammy?"
"Yeah...Tams!!!" the stranger bellowed."Get down here!"
A girl with short black hair lept down from a tree. "peter?"
"Tams, you remember bridget...this is Ariana; she's our newest demigod."
Ariana exploded."why does everyone insist on this stupid game? I'm NOT a demigod. I'm one hundred percent human."
"Then why are you glowing yellow?"Tammy pointed out.
Ariana couldn't answer. She just looked away.

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"Most everyone denies it...why should you be any different?" tammy sneered." Let's go. we have to leave before it gets dark."
"Is the daughter of Hades afraid of a little bit of umm...not darkness?" Bridget grinned.
"haha bridge...let's move out."

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When total darkness fell, the battered demigods set up camp.
Bridget grew corn, apples, and started to extract nectar from flowers. "It's sweet mortal nectar...not god stuff," she explained to Ars.
"Nvr mind..."
Peter hammered the nails into the ground. He had a strong, muscular build, and he looked comfortable with a hammer.
Bridget saw ariana looking and grinned."Peter is a child of Hephastus. He's good at making things and..well hammering i guess..."
Tammy made a large campfire and started roasting a rabbit. She turned to ariana. "Listen this group, if you want to eat a warm meal, and if you want to sleep in a tent, you have to do your share...what do you have to offer?"
"Ummm...I can tell stories?"
"No good"
"Make a good puree?"
"Do YOU see a blender around here?"
"I can sing..." Ariana hung her head...she really was useless wasn't she.
"Then sing"
"Sing. When your underground, you don't here a lot of music...the last good music I heard was Persephone's recordings of Orpheus...So sing."

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Ariana blinked and cleared her throat. She took a large breath...then let it out...
"Does it have to have words?"
"I...don't know any good songs with words..."
"Just sing before I blast you with the fire..."
Ariana closed her eyes. a melody had been worming its way up her mouth the whole day anyway.
She began to sing, and she released not notes, but memories...that came out as notes.
Her mother holding her before she had died.
The warm hugs her father had once given.
The grief that had always hung around him.
The melody was filled with sorrow, but it was beautiful. The pitch went up when Ariana remembered meeting Mr. Handz and Bridget when she had first moved.
But finally, the melody had to come to an end. Not a large ending, but something quiet and peaceful that was still worth singing.
She finished with her mother's favorite lullaby...the one that she had died singing.
and the song came to a close.

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"...half-blood..."Tammy was speechless.
"...Ari..." Bridget too, her blue eyes brimming with tears.
Peter simply had his eyes closed. He cleared his throat. "Well, that was interesting. Even the birds came night..."
And it was true. The birds had come out, the bears, the rabbits, and every other animal. but there was no fighting. Everything was peaceful. The grass looked greener and the flowers had bloomed earlier.
Then slowly, the animals went back to their nests and dens for the rest of the night.
Tammy suddenly thrust something at her.
Ariana took it. She held it towards the fire by the chain. It was a gold necklace with a little charm at the end. When she looked closer it looked like..."A harp." Ariana whispered.
"No, it's a lyre. You're Apollo's daughter. These necklaces represent who your god parent is...Geez i sound so cheesy."Tammy shook her head to clear it of thoughts. "We know who you are now. Put it on for the final confirmation."
Ariana looked at Bridget's gold necklace. It looked like wheat. Tammy's necklace was gold fire. Even Peter wore a silver chain with a silver hammer.
She clasped it together, and her whole body gave a radiant light."Apollo,"she murmered."Father."
Bridget cleared her throat. "This is great and all but we really need to eat and get some sleep."
"right,"peter nodded."Let's do it."

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(( the next person to write something...MAKE IT MORNING ALREADY!!!!!i know thats not fair since i wrote the last things...but still...MORNING!!!))
((btw...don't forget to use double parentheses when talking out of character!!!!))

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((sonna!!!!where are you????))

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((i guess im the next person so ill listen to...myself?))

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Ariana yawned. With her eyes still closed, she reached for the glass of water she always kept on her desk for when she woke up. What a crazy dream! Bridget and her stupid stories. Well, they would never get to her again!
She was thinking this when her fingers hit hard ground, scrabbling in the dirt. She sat straight up and her eyes opened wide. She was in the green tent she had slept in the night before. It wasn't a dream? Ariana's eyes teared. "No,"she moaned.
"Rise and shine Ari!"bridget sang as she crawled into the tent. She noticed Ari's glare and immediatley sat down. "What's up Ars?"
"What's up? You turn my world upside down and that's what you say? What's up!? If you had just kept your mouth shut, this wouldn't have happened,"Ariana stormed.
"Really ars?"Bridget snapped, losing her patience."Do you really think that this wouldn't have kept happening? The sphinx was nothing. The Harpy, the crazy satyr, they were all nothing."
"Harpy? Crazy satyr?"
"I could prevent those from harming you, but the sphinx was the last straw. Ars, do you remember that ugly black raven that kept swooping down at you? Do you remember the goat that kept coming towards you? The mist kept you from seeing int, but my eyes are trained."

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the lump in Ariana's throat became larger."I need some time alone bridge...plzz?"
"sure,"bridget said frostily. She whipped around and headed out the way she had come in.
Ariana lashed out at the pillow.
"Hitting the pillow doesn't make things better you know," said a voice. Tammy was sitting in the corner of the tent, reading a book. she snapped it shut.
"It sure makes me feel better,"ariana muttered. "What are you doing here anyway? Is there no privacy here?"
"I slept here too Choirgirl,"Tammy scoffed.
"Come on, we'd better get moving. Breadfast is fresh fruit. It's all that there is. Let's go."
The second the two girls left the tent, it came crashing down. Peter had removed the nails as soon as they had come out.

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((Sonna!!!it would be a really good time for you to jump in!!!r u even on????))

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((dats calling))

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((y dont u ever pick up???!!!))

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((when u get these messages...IF you get these me or let's see...write something!!!!!!!))

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as soon as the last nail was packed, the foursome strapped on their packs(bridget's and ariana's provided by peter) and set off.

Meanwhile, far far away, a little boy cried for his mother. "Mother!" he sobbed. He couldn't have been older than 6 or 7."Mother! Athena! Do not abandon me!" He sank to his knees. "Mother! Please!" When no answer came, he began to thrash around. He hit everything around him.
Athena watched him from Olympus. Her gray eyes were wetter than usual. She watched Chiron scoop him up and carry him away. "Chiron, take care of my baby. Keep him safe where he is now; camp Half-blood."she whispered furtivley. She sank into a velvet plush chair and began to weep. "Matthew."she cried."My Matthew."
she felt Hestia's hand on her shoulder. "Don't you have to take care of the hearth?"she asked irritably, embarrased to have been caught in such a weak position.
"It is going well enough for me to take a slight break. but i must return to it soon."Hestia put her arms around Athena. "You never should have appeared to him so young."
"He was only a little baby. One of the most beautiful of my children. I saw his eyes and I marveled. They weren't my eyes; they were his father's. Green like emeralds but just a tint lighter.I appeared to him for just a moment then I left. I had to see those eyes up close. I thought it was irrelevant, my little visit. but it wasn't. When he was 3, he told his father stories of a beautiful woman with long blond hair and gray eyes. I couldn't believe it. He had remembered allthose years. that meant that he was special, Hestia, special. So I appeared to him and explained everything. Sure he was a little young, but he was special. after i had finished speaking, I made to leave. But he spoke,"Mama, you'll come back right?"
I was about to explain why i couldn't but then i saw his emerald eyes, and I remembered that he was special. So I came back to visit him. Again...and again...and again. but one day, his father cornered me and told me never to approach him again. I agreed under one condition; Matthew was to attend Camp Half-Blood immediatley. I'd been visiting him so much, that he was bound to attract monsters sooner than usual. As soon as he was taken to Chiron, I told him that I would never talk to him face to face like before, again." Athena looked desperatley at Hestia. "I had to do it. He is so young." athena began to sob into Hestia's brown simple dress, and Hestia held her until she couldn't stay away from the hearth any longer.
"Let him go, sister."Hestia said softly, walking away from athena, to the hearth, "Let him go."

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((next person...that will probably be me again...start with the heroic make it interesting...hehe))

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((dude, this is getting really tiresome...i feel like an idiot doing this by myself...maybe i should have just made it a story!!!!!))

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Ariana stared at Tammy. "What are you doing?" she grinned trying not to laugh.
"What does it look like Choirgirl? I'm trying to highlight my hair."
"With hair mascara?" Ariana snorted.
"Obviously."Tammy snapped.
"That won't last a whole day. There's no point in doing it at all."
"And how would YOU know?"Tammy snarled.
"I...My mother used to help me dye my hair to get highlights." Ariana said softly. She picked a flower from the dirt and twirled it around. She stared at it."Wait." Ariana ran to the river and filled a small plastic cup with water. She crushed the flower into fine powder and sprinkled some into the cup. She mixed it around then brought it to Tammy. The water was reddish brown and unappealing. "This will help."Ariana promised.
Tammy reached for the cup, but ariana was quicker. She dumped the whole thing onto Tammy's head, soaking every strand of hair. Tammy's eyes were wide and furious as red water dripped down her forehead.
"You are going to pay!"she growled.
"Why?"Ariana asked innocently. She pointed to Tammy's hair. She know had unnatural red highlights, and slight orange streaks.
"How did you do that?" Bridget breathed.
"it's an old trick. I used dye from nature. It'll hold for a while, but we'll have to do it every so often." She picked a few more red flowers and grinded them into powder. She picked green, blue, yellow and purple flowers. She grinded them all, then put them into seperate pockets.
bridget watched her." Do you mind giving me some highlights?"
"Umm, sure. What color?"
Ariana grinded a green flower then added it to water. She dumped it onto bridget's head, then headed back for more water."Your hair's a lot longer than tammy's so we need more water."Ariana explained. Bridget's waist long blonde hair had already begun to get streaked. ariana added one last cup of water. "There we go!" Ariana chirped.
Peter appeared on top of a tree branch. "Now that this little beauty lesson is over, can we get going now?"
"Sure!" They all cried.

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((i just added that highlighted i was bored and had nothing else to do...make the next one more interesting!!!!or how about actually just writing something!!!!))

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((ahhhh!!!!Sonna! ur in a huge pile of u-know-what when we get to school!!!!))

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((ramsha! thnk u!!))

Stephanie *FAHRENHEIT* (ixrockxuxdont) | 119 comments Mod
So they continued on their way. After a while Arianna became tired. "When...are...we get to...wherever we're...going???"
"Tired already, Half-Blood?" Tammy snorted.
Just as Arianna was going to reply, Peter stepped in. "You guys stop fighting!" With a significant glance at Tammy, he added "Or else."
Tammy flinched but recovered quickly, hoping no one noticed. But Arianna did. "Hey Bridge, what did Peter mean when he said "or else"?"
Bridget started to fidget "Oh umm nothing. He umm didnt mean anything by it!"
"Cmon Bridge! I wont tell!" Arianna pleaded.
"Argh I'll tell you when we get there."
Arianna sighed but agreed. "Where are we going anyways?"
This time, Bridget could answer. "Oh we're going to a camp called Hald-Blood Camp, you know, the one i always went to?"
"Yeah the one you never told me about" Arianna mumbled quietly.
"Okay if you want to hear about it, I guess I can tell you..." Bridget said.
And so, the story started....

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((thank u stephanie!!!!!!!))

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((thank u soooo much....but no thanks to sonna or ramsha....humph))

Stephanie *FAHRENHEIT* (ixrockxuxdont) | 119 comments Mod
lmao no problem!! hahahahahaha so you can continue it

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((dude, ur double parentheses????))

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((btw, tammy's new name for Ariana is "Choirgirl"...i dunno...i was fresh out of ideas...writing a role-play ALONE does that to u....grr...))

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((and what does or else mean?????))

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"Camp Half-Blood is a refuge for demigods. Demigods are half-mortal, half-god. We all have one parent that's a god." Bridget explained. "There are 12 Olympians, Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, Hestia, Dionisis, Athena, Hera, Demeter, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, and Hermes."

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((plz dont rite anything...i want to do something but i have 2 go n ill be rite back))

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((k, im back!!!...not that u actually care...:(

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((hmmm....scratch the "12 Olympians part....wth?))

"Of course, there are tons of other gods too. Hades, Pan, Artemis, Hectate, and lots of others. The centaur Chiron and the god of party and wine, Dionysus run Camp Half-Blood. Dionysus, or "Mr.D" was punished for who-knows-why, and was forced to work at Camp Half-Blood for ummm a period of time, and still resides there today. Chiron is a lot more likable, and he trained some of the old heros. Are you familiar with the tale of Jason the Argonaut? Or maybe you're more of an Achilles type of person? Well, those were only two of the heros Chiron trained. He now trains our more modern heros." Bridget explained. "You know, for quests and never know what will happen. Oh, and the Oracle gives you a tiny prophecy that will help you in your quest...actually that prophecy IS your quest..."
Ariana thought about all of that. Something was troubling her. " said Camp Half-blood was a refuge for half-bloods. Why would we need a refuge?"
"Well, you see, the god half of us attracts monsters. They try to destroy us, so we need to go to Camp Half-Blood to be safe."
"So we're never reallly safe outside that...that camp?"
"That's why Chiron trains we can take care of ourselves outside of camp. Our weapons are celestial bronze. It's the only thing that can potentially hurt a monster. It won't harm a mortal at all. Monsters can't really be killed by mortal weapon. But you see, monsters never die completley. They always come back. I mean sure, they might take a while to reaappear but it will happen."

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"What can hurt us?"Ariana asked.
"Ummm..."bridget didn't meet her eyes. It was Tammy who answered.
"Both mortal weapons and celestial bronze."The usual mocking smile was gone. She was dead serious. "This is why we have to be extra careful. This isn't a joke. No, all the funny stuff was left behind in the rubble of your middle school. Do you understand?" Tammy was yelling now, clenching the front of ariana's shirt.
"That's enough Tammy!"Peter shouted. He shoved her off of ariana.

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Tammy whirled around and launched herself at Peter.

Bridget grabbed ariana's hand and once more yanked her away. "Run!"she screamed. "Peter!"
"Go!" he yelled.
Tammy suddenly righted herself and started sprinting towards the fleeing duo.
"No!"Peter roared. He tackled her and wrestled her arms to the ground. "get it together Tammy! You can do it. Please. Hold it together. come on tammy!" his voice turned soft and pleading.
Tammy was spazzing out on the ground under Peter's grip. Her eyes were wide and out of control. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. It clawed at their eardrums, but it was worth it when she calmed down.
Meanwhile, Ariana was in tears as she and bridget ran. They had put two miles between themselves and tammy. They finally collapsed on a bed of ferns.
"Wha...what was that?"she finally gasped. "what's wrong with Tammy? What's wrong with me?"
"Shhh,"Bridget soothed. "Nothing is wrong with you. Tammy has a slight anger management problem."
"Bridget, try that act out on someone else. I know your'e lying."ariana glared at her best friend. "tell me the truth."
bridget sighed. "tammy was in an accident several years ago.Well, it wasn't really an accident...Tammy is our age, you know that?"Bridget suddenly said. "In fact, she would be in the same clases with you and I. But one day, Hades angered Zeus. Zeus was in such a rage, that he took Hades's daughter , Tammy who was five at the time, and put a curse on her. Tammy can't be attached to anyone emotionally or eventually, she'll destroy them. She loved her older brother to bits. He was her role model, her safety zone, her only comfort. tammy blasted him and that was it. She doesn't even remember how or why it happened. There was just a burnt mark on the rug in front of her. But that's only the first part of the curse."

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"Oh, and did you tell her about the part when she's suppossed to destroy the one closest to her before she turns 17?" There was a golden, rich voice behind them. Bridget cringed before turning and kneeling to the ground.
"Greetings, my Lord. How are you faring today?"Bridget asked. The words were gritty and spat out.
"Fine, thank you." The man with gold locks of hair looked pleased with the greeting. He turned to Ariana and looked her over with his blue eyes.
"Ummm...My Lord, that is your daughter."Bridget squeaked.
"Yes, I know." Apollo said thoughtfully. He took a step closer and raised a hand.
"How strange."he murmered. He touched a lock of her long brown hair. "You've inherited your mother's hair. Rissa..."
"My Lord?"
"Oh yes, so you've told Ariana here the first part of the curse. and I've just told her the second. How about we alternate on the third?"
"of course." bridget walked over to Ariana's side and wrapped an arm around her. "Tammy is very unpredictable. Sometimes, she's calm when the rest of us are freaking out. and it's not that panic-induced state of calm. It's truly calm and peaceful. But sometimes, for no reason, she erupts."
"Sort of like just right now,"Apollo added cheerfully.
Bridget turned to him. "My lord,"she gritted through her teeth. "No one knows how she'll act from one moment to the next. That's why we need Peter. He knows how to calm her down. And if he can't, he can hold her down until the storm passes."
"But I thought she couldn't get close to anybody."Ariana whispered.
"Yeah. That's why they don't talk a lot."
"I'm still unsure if that's the safest plan." Ariana closed her eyes. Her head was starting to hurt.
"YOu're right...but its the best one we have."

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"Well, I think that's all you need to know. I'll see you again later Ariana Levi!" apollo turned around and vanished.
Bridget gritted her teeth. "No offense, but I HATE talking to your dad. He's SO annoying. He's seriously the only god who makes me call him "My Lord"...uggghhh..." she shuddered. "He is so ....i forgot the word for him...he only praises himself...he makes me want to scream!"
Ariana blinked.
Bridget shook her head. "Why'd he call you by yor middle name too? I didn't know that was your middle name..."
Ariana grimaced. "That's not my middle name. My full first name is Ariana Levi. I HATE it when ppl call me that."
"Well, now you know what 'or else' is. Whenever we talk about the curse, Apollo appears. He just does, I don't know why. He's the god of prophecies on top of everything else. Tammy can't stand him anymore than I can. She actually exploded becuase of him...the one time she had the correct reaction."

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((hehe...ok its gotten a litle better...but if im the only one commenting again then there's going to be h*** to pay.))

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Austin (ABedolla) ((dude, whoever wrote that story has a gift))

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((dude, which story? The rp or Percy Jackson???))

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