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message 1: by Rene (new)

Rene | 5 comments I am now a Star Trek junkie for the new millenium. Having already watched the new movie twice (which is still not enough) I have decided that James T. Kirk is my hero and a leader that I can fully support in my own life. Dalliances with various women aside, I find Jim Kirk to be everything I wish to aspire in my lifetime: smart, aggressive, bold, clever, confident and creative. I once feared that I would never reach such (to me) lofty aspirations in my lifetime, but I am now a believer--Rene Bohn can be James Tiberius Kirk in spirit and in deed. In fact, life according to Captain Kirk will be the filter I sift my thoughts through, and I suspect that I will always have that moment in my thought process that asks WWJD? What would Jim do? He'd stand tall, give as good as he got, and never believe in a no-win situation. That is the new Rene Bohn and I hope that you all like her more for it. Of course, I could just be rambling on because I have a super-sized crush on Chris Pike, but I prefer to think it's deeper than that. What do you think?

message 2: by Stacie, Official Anythink Ambassador (new)

Stacie (stacieadelia) | 72 comments Mod
I thought I noticed you standing up a little taller yesterday.

message 3: by Rene (new)

Rene | 5 comments For sure, for sure. The timing couldn't be better with summer reading starting. No problems.

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