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I need DANGER!!!

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message 1: by Breezy (new)

Breezy | 14 comments Mod
My characters need more conflict in their lives...HELP! I need ideas for some conflict I can send them...anyone?

message 2: by Battery (new)

Battery | 4 comments which characters are you looking for conflict for specifically? because it wouldn't make sense for like, Ava, to be tortured emotionally by her husband dying or something ridiculous like that.

message 3: by Breezy (new)

Breezy | 14 comments Mod
ava, actually...mostly i just need random fantasy conflict that could happen to any character in a fantasy setting. based off of that i will make my decision and hopefully get ideas. since you know avalon, you can probably base any ideas off of that...so yeah.

message 4: by Battery (new)

Battery | 4 comments ah ha. um... you mean you don't like them just riding around and nothing happening?

message 5: by Breezy (new)

Breezy | 14 comments Mod

message 6: by Taylor (last edited Feb 26, 2008 05:58PM) (new)

Taylor (kunaan) | 3 comments some ideas:
Attacked by dark creatures (cliche, so what? make it original. have their claw marks poison them mentally, spiritually, physically...etc...)

Hit by retarded good creatures that has humorous consequences) (think a parody on midsummer night's dream)

Stuck in a town because of a disease, with the well water as the only "cure"(and have the 'disease' be poison in the food, set by some overly-controlling, concerned old lady. stop the lady, stop the disease.)

Have them go to a castle where the people there are being mind-controlled by the lord of the castle (evil), not realizing it because they slowly lose their free will. Have some of the characters 'lose' themselves to this power, and have to fight it (or have one be immune and wonder why their friends are acting strangely around the lord and do whatever he wants (still cliche)).

have one character get abducted by some random village that thinks of them as either God, sacrifice, or food.

Have one get shot by a 'live' arrow that is going deeper and deeper into that person until they do something.

Have come to take one of them, and have the rest of the group have to go get them back. Or just have that one character try to find a way out of the "netherworld." Or a smattering of the two.

Have the find out she's engaged to some evil/detestable character that she s. Really funny if was married.

Have a character be accused of a crime in a random village.

Have a character be eaten by a rather large creature, only to come out later by cutting themselves out of the gut.

Have a character get possessed by something or "poisoned" by something. This could do many things. get them to join the other side, get them to completely obey someone else, forget everything, make them "fall in love" with someone else (really funny if one was married), someone else (again, really funny if the one d was the spouse), change them into a supposed monster, etc.

Attacked by hired bandits, and have one character be carried away prisoner and then sold as slave. Then there can be side-story that ties into main story about getting them back.

Have ALL of the characters captured and sold into slavery.

Have there be something that is always moving, getting closer with each day.

Hope that helps, sorry if that was long

message 7: by Chels (new)

Chels How about they get attacked and somebody hits their head and realizes they're someone else all together, like a villain. then they're battling with themselves.

Still on the hitting head idea, they could forget who they are all together and wonder why their wandering around with all these random people.

Make them discover something magical and potentially dangerous to the general public so they have to go asking around to find out whose it is, why it was sitting in the middle of the road or whatever, and maybe they could think they need it themselves.

Good luck with that . . .

message 8: by Mountainman91 (new)

Mountainman91 | 2 comments is your book one of those more magic-oriented-way out there mage things or a more down to earth nitty-gritty work?
First of all, If I can suggest something. Don't have dragons.
For character conflict, have a character start struggling with temptation. Like he/she really is having trouble not going over to the 'dark side' A really borderline character that deals with struggles and temptations, wonders whether the enemy he/she fights is really the enemy they should be fighting. stuff like that.

message 9: by Breezy (new)

Breezy | 14 comments Mod
Yay for intelligent comments and super useful helpfullness! I don't have dragons in this particular story, I promise Johnathan. This story is somewhat interstellar. It deals with Stars as being actual characters, rather than just lumps of whatever in the sky. There is a bit of magic involved, but it's not super-intense mage stuff because I prefer to keep the magical powers inherited through, say, natural birthright and that kind of thing. I would say it's a mix between physical and magical powers.

message 10: by Taylor (new)

Taylor (kunaan) | 3 comments Why not dragons?

message 11: by Breezy (new)

Breezy | 14 comments Mod
I can comment on that point. First of all, I do have dragons in two of my other stories. It gets repetative. It's kind of like elves-dragons are stereotypical fantasy.

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