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Voterra Scene Pics - Bella finding Edward

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message 1: by Faith (new)

Faith | 8 comments New pics from the New Moon film have just been released showing Bella running to Edward in the ally in Volterra and a shirtless rob.

Pics can be found here:

I personally am pretty disappointed, its not quite how i imagined it - maybe they will do some fancy lighting in the movie? Rob is shirtless though and he does appear to have a six pack which is pretty nice.

message 2: by Samary (new)

Samary | 12 comments ok im new to this group but OMG! Rob looks FINE! WHOO! WAY better bod than twilight.
i have to agree i do like Taylors better.
BUT their are both FIIIINE!

message 3: by Liz (new)

Liz (lizgore) Very fine...

message 4: by TK (new)

TK (talbiedoodle) | 41 comments really cool. I love it!!!! It made me want to cry! I just know I'm going to be sobbing through out the hole movie.

message 5: by Music_Luver (new)

Music_Luver | 70 comments all my friends have been liking JACOB!!!!!

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