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The Complete Frank Miller Batman ( Deluxe Leatherbound Edition)

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Chriss | 8 comments You have to have Librarian Status in order to upload cover pictures. You can become a Goodreads Librarian if you have 50 or more books on your shelves. You have 47, so you can add three more books to your profile and apply. Once you've got 50 or more books in your profile you can click the 'edit' link on any book you haven't manually added and, since you're not a Librarian, you'll get a message with the link to apply to get the status. They approve new Librarians twice a day.

OR, since I'm a Librarian, you can send me the cover scan and ISBN and I can add the cover for you. As an aside, there's a Goodreads Librarians group that you can leave posts about books that need editing or other such issues.

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Fredstrong | 25 comments No problem ;)

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