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post anime pics here!

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Mrs. Lawliet (mizore-chan121) ok...thats odd...mine are

Death Note,Rpsario+Vampire,and Vampire Knight

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oh, i just said narituo and inuyasha 4 the heck of it- id lyke em

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Bianca (otakuninja) SHUGO CHARA!!!! go miki and yoru! oh and yes, 3rd face is amu! XD

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Bianca (otakuninja) KITCHEN PRINCESS!!!!! go daichi XP

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Anima Pictures, Images and Photos

I though it was cool

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Bianca (otakuninja) i like this one

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Mrs. Lawliet (mizore-chan121) lol i love the car crash one and the one with L,Near and mello with all thier stuff mixed up

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xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) | 15 comments ^-^

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