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Time between books

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message 1: by William (new)

William (acknud) How much time do you take off between books? I may not be a prolific reader but I am always reading something. If I finish a book I will usually have another in my hand within a day.

message 2: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments I always have another book (or three) in my bag to read when I'm finished w/ the one I'm working on.

message 3: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (bbbrr) | 18 comments I'm usually reading at least three books at once, typically one piece of fiction, one piece of non-fiction, and something work-related. Of course, that usually means it takes me a while before I start a new book, but I always like to have options when I sit down to read at night. When I'm done with one, I always have a replacement on deck.

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