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message 51: by P (new)

P Dreadful (SriparnaN) | 3 comments Hello,

I'm pretty new to cover design so I'm offering my first 5 book covers for free.

The Pope's Daughter https://mostlywaffle.files.wordpress....
The Lady in Black https://mostlywaffle.files.wordpress....
My Notorious Countess
The Lost Girl (Original Watercolour Painting)
The Great Indian Novel

For more details you can check out my blog:

message 52: by Cristin (new)

Cristin Curry | 4 comments Hi there! Adding to the list here. Gene Mollica Studios is a great resource for your cover art needs. Check out his website here:

Gene is a classically trained illustrator who has created a unique cinematic style by combining graphic illustration with photography. He specializes in sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and romance cover art. GM Studios is a one stop shop for all your covert art needs including costume design, branding, and online marketing for the independent author. Motion Covers also available!

Email for more info!

message 53: by Annissa (new)

Annissa Turpin-Giannone | 1 comments AT Graphic Designs features professional grade book covers. Find us at

message 54: by Sanja (new)

Sanja | 3 comments If you looking to get an eye-catching cover designed for your book go to - UNLIMITED REVISIONS | 3 DAY TURNAROUND | FREE 3D RENDERINGS

message 55: by Cristian (new)

Cristian Feverr | 10 comments Hi my name is Cristian, im from Italy and I love to work with photoshop and create 3D amazing book covers. So if you have a 2D cover desing of your book, i can transform it in a beautifull 3D Book Cover, and this for only 5$ in less then a few minutes, including the psd file for future modification. I hope you will like my service and my products, Check me out! here you can find me " " Ps: I hope you will contact me soon, have a nice day.

message 56: by Irina (new)

Irina French (IrinaFrenchArtist) | 14 comments Hello

I am a digital artist and illustrator.

I also create Custom Fantasy Maps and Family Trees now like the ones below:

Contact me for more info via my email: or find out more on my website:

Thank you!

Irina French

message 57: by Jon (last edited Jun 03, 2017 02:29PM) (new)

Jon Stubbington | 7 comments Hello.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I will save on words and let my pictures do the talking for me.

Please browse my example covers at

I am a freelance illustrator, based in the UK, and I believe strong artwork will help your book stand out from the crowd.

Please get in touch to find out how I can help, whether you're looking to publish in print or ebook formats.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jon Stubbington

example thriller cover by Jon Stubbington

example contemporary cover by Jon Stubbington

example science fiction cover by Jon Stubbington

message 58: by Aidana (last edited Aug 13, 2017 11:18AM) (new)

Aidana WillowRaven (AidanaWillowRaven) | 15 comments Hello,

I'm a book cover artist, designer, and illustrator; specializing in original artwork (vs modified stock imagery). Links to my website, blog, and social media networks can be found below.

I love reading and being a part of books coming to life. My personal library fills seven six-foot tall shelves full of hardcover tomes of everything from David Eddings, Terry Brooks & Robert Jordan to Stephen King, Robert B Parker & Shakespear. Needless to say, I don't have enough time to read as much as I want to.

I'd love to be a part of your book, too.

Aidana WillowRaven
WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus
Book Cover Art, Illustration & Design
Blog: http://willowraven-illustration.blogs...

message 59: by Barb (new)

Barb  | 3 comments Hello!

If you're looking for professional, beautiful and affordable book cover design look no further! I'd love for you to stop over and check out COVERINKED.COM. I design pre-made and custom covers as well as social media banners, teasers and more.

And we're having a huge giveaway until July 10th that you don't want to miss.

message 60: by Kc (last edited Jul 20, 2017 12:25AM) (new)

Kc Ng | 3 comments Hello!

KC from Collateral Damage Studios. We are an artist studio from Singapore that is keen to work on custom book cover illustration. Outside of just illustrations, we can do title logo and cover layout as well. Fees-wise, we charge in the hundreds depending on how complex the final image will be.

Here are a selection of book covers that we've illustrated.


Secondhand Memories
Secondhand Memories

Razz Arrives
Razz Arrives

More Aliens
More Aliens

Aliens Among Us
Aliens Among Us

We Are Not Alone
We Are Not Alone

Please view more of our portfolio on our Behance and Artstation.

If you wish to work with a professional team to design a wonderful, attractive book cover for your story, please contact us via email at!

message 61: by Perie (new)

Perie Wolford | 4 comments Book covers by Perie Wolford

Initially, I do a number of mockups for free, to let the client evaluate my skills and let him choose the right mockup. After I receive the payment, I then finalize the mockup.

It usually doesn’t take me more than 5 days to finish the cover.
I do free mockups within 24 hours after request.

I charge 50 to 100$ per cover, depending on the complexity. The package includes high-def (2000x3000 pixels at 300dpi) Kindle or Ebook cover, plus the book jacket for CreateSpace and other paperback printers. I can optionally do an Audiobook version of a cover as well.
(I accept PayPal payments and Wire Transfer)

If you want to get a free cover mockup, drop me a line at

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


message 62: by Mybard (last edited Sep 20, 2017 12:09PM) (new)

Mybard | 3 comments Hi,
Mybard provides eBook cover design service at affordable prices. Basic, Deluxe, and Premium packages are available. The service features include high-resolution images, fast turnaround time and professional customization. Please visit us at for more information.

message 63: by Justin (new)

Justin Smith | 1 comments Instant Book Covers

Offering a range of Premade Covers starting at $25 and
Custom Designs at $125

All our premade book covers are unique and will never be sold twice.
When you order they will be customized with your book title and author's name.

Just tell us what you need and within 24 hours the cover will be yours.

In the mean time check out our full range here: Instant Book Covers
Or follow on Facebookfor daily updates and cover releases

To order make a note of the reference number and just click buynow

Any questions feel free to ask.

Here are two of the latest designs:

message 64: by Melody (last edited Nov 05, 2017 01:04PM) (new)

Melody Simmons | 1 comments Bestselling Premade as well as Custom Book Cover Designs:


message 65: by Irina (new)

Irina French (IrinaFrenchArtist) | 14 comments Hello

My name is Irina French and I am a digital artist. Here is my recent Fantasy Map made for a Dungeon and Dragons game master.
Larger version can be found here:

Fantasy Map

Thank you.

message 66: by Jon (new)

Jon Stubbington | 7 comments Hi. You may have seen my earlier post about my custom cover services.

New for 2018! I have also launched a new pre-made cover offering.

You can browse the first set of available pre-made covers at my new website:

Simple and straightforward pricing. No stock images. No download limits.

banner image for

message 67: by Diane (new)

Diane Lynne | 2 comments Hi! I'm a graphic designer, DLR-Designs, and I recently started creating premade book covers. To date I've sold 4 print covers for Amazon, and 5 ebook covers for Amazon and other sites, such as Smashwords. You can see all my covers for sale here:

message 68: by Miblart (new)

Miblart | 10 comments MiblArt is a team of professional book cover designers. We create custom ebook covers in any genre and for any online platform.

The cost of custom ebook cover is $100
Here you may find the examples of our work

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

MiblArt book cover design

message 69: by Red (last edited May 08, 2018 10:29AM) (new)

Red Squirrel | 4 comments Hey everyone,

I make premade and custom covers on my website. Premade covers are sold at $70 per cover. I aim to help writers draw readers to their novels. Here are some covers I have designed and check out my website! :D

Thank you! And happy writing to all writers out there!

Main page:
Premade covers page:




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