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Chapter Eight: Share Your "Aha" Moments

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Karey (kareyshane) To get us started on the Chapter Eight discussion, here are the chapter headings in case you need a reminder (*:*).

Object Consciousness and Space Consciousness, Falling Below and Rising Above Thought, Television, Rocognizing Inner Space, Can You Hear the Mountain Stream?, Right Action, Perceiving Without Naming, Who is the Experiencer?, The Breath, Addictions, Inner Body Awareness, Inner and Outer Space, Noticing the Gaps, Lose Yourself to Find Yourself, Stillness.

Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (hugbandit7) Here are some of my favorite parts of chapter 8 so far:

the section on television...how true that is that many of us get caught up in watching tv mindlessly and to what purpose? sure some entertainment or education is possible, but they said that an average 60 year old will have watch television for 15 years of his/her life. that is a LOT of television! I know as of late I have tried to cut back on how much I watch or I Tivo the program so it I don't have to deal with commercials.

I also believe I have my inner space. I can easily go to places and enjoy what is around me (ocean, stream, mountains, etc) without thinking about anything else, just living in the moment.

I still have more to go on this chapter but I'm getting closer to finishing the book!

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