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Ginger put down the chalk and put her hands on the alter.

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"Fae ran into the room, "Dammit Fae, you ruined my concentration!" Ginger shouted, Fae was out of breath. "What's the matter?" Fae collapsed onto the ground.

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((thanks for RPing my charecter Madi))

Ginger shoook Fae, "Hey, Fae, can you hear me?" Ginger bit her lip, This is the work of a wizard. She picked up Fae, and moved her to the middle of the pentagram.

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Alex clicked his tongue, "What happened to your spell?" He looked through the mirror to Ginger, then saw someone else in the room. "You know no one else can be with you when you're training, it makes you loose concentration."

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Ginger moved to the mirror, "I am sorry Mentor, she just ran in, and-" Fae twitched.

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Fae screamed, arching her back, her wings burst out of her back, they were bloody andd torn. Her ancient ritual markings started to glow a strange color; but she didn't seem to be awake. Ginger ran over to her right as Fae fell back to the ground completely unconcious.

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Ginger stood and franticly flipped through her book of shadows, but couldn't find anything that her mentor taught her to help. Alex stepped through the mirror, still calmed, and lightly moved to Fae. "Is this your friend?" "Yes, I don't know what happened, she ran into the room and just collapsed. I think it's the work of a wizard."

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Alex nodded, "I know this work, it's from Molsdar ((your charrie))." "Who?" "I have notes on him written into your book of shadows." "What, no you don't? I don't remember talking about him." "Look again."

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((it's Mosldar, get it right Madi))
Ginger opened her book, and sure enough, on the last page was written information. "I really wish that I could do that." She sighed, "It's better to write it, so you can learn it better, I told you that."
Mosldar watched them through Fae, and laughed, "Nice work old man, but can you find me?" He put his hand on the crystal ball and the image disapeared.
Fae arched her back again, but this time she didn't screech in pain.

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Alex grabbed onto Fae to keep her from hurting herself, she twisted and arched for atleast thirty seconds before finally calming back into a deep enchantment sleep. Ginger watched horrifyingly scared for her friend, "Read up, if we're going to get this spell off before it's too late, we need to pay him a little visit."

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"I don't think I'm strong enough to do this," Ginger nervously said, fearful of loosing her only true friend. "Neither was I at age sixteen when he slaughtered my parents and mentor, but I managed." Ginger chewed the inside of her cheek, picked up the book, and sat next to them on the floor. "I'll study hard."
Mosldar moved over to the cell, and called Goul back, Lina lay on the cement bleeding and drained of energy. Goul moved through the bars as mist, then appeared as a whole at his masters side. "Are you done trying to escape me yet? When will you learn that you can't leave?" She groaned, "W-where's my sister?" "Don't you worry your pretty little head off, Fae's coming to see you soon."

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Lina began to cry, she had teeth marks all up and down her arms and legs and face. Blood dripped into her eyes, and ran into her mouth; "Please." She whispered, "Please what?" "Please, just let me go... I-I don't know w-what you want."
"Lina..." Fae whispered, Alex and Ginger looked over to her, suprised she spoke. "Fae?" But she didn't answer, "He's controling her to say that... do you know the name?"

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Ginger didn't have to think too hard to know the name, "That's Fae's little sister... do you think he has her?!!" Alex shook his head, "There's a possibility."
Mosldar laughed at Lina, "And because you said please I'll let you go?" He turned to walk away, "You're... a monster." She spat, with little energy she had left, he smiled; "Teach her another lesson Goul." Lina screamed when he jumped onto her again.

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Alex excused himself to the bathroom, then put a hand on the mirror, trying to contact Mosldar. But couldn't find him, so he gave up, slamming a fist against the bahtroom counter in frustration. "Mentor! She's awake!" Alex swiftly moved ((not ran, but fastly walked)) to Fae and Ginger. Fae's eyes fluttered open, and she looked wide-eyed up at both of them. "Ginger, they've got Lina! I tried to stop them, but they got her! You have to help her!" Fae grabbed onto Ginger's shirt and shook her violently, "Please, you have to help me!!!"

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Ginger grabbed onto Fae's hands, and gently removed them from her shirt, "Fae... I need you to tell me what happened, and why your wings are torn so badly. "Please.... please, you have to help me!" "Fae, just answer the question." "Ginger, they've got Lina! I tried to stop them, but they got her! You have to help her!" Ginger looked up to Alex, and he examined her wings. "She's still being controled by Mosldar." "How do you know?" Alex traced out the line of tribal markings, they had turned an ugly greenish color. "In the olden days elves were used as slaves to the wizards. Inprisoned against their will, though they didn't know what was going on, because they were being brain-washed."

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Lina was knocked against the wall, she sobbed even louder now; "Shut up child, I can't hear myself think."
Alex clapped his hands, standing up, "I have an idea." He grabbed onto Fae, "Fae, look at me." It took her a while to look away from Ginger's face, then she looked right at him. "Mosldar, I know you can hear me, now I want you to tell me if you have her sister." There was silence.
I misjudged you "Mentor" thought, then leaned back in his chair, Goul, fetch me the girl. the wolf spirit nodded in understanding. Mosldar flicked his wrist and the cell door opened, then Goul dragged the girl out by the collar of her shirt. She lay on the floor too defeated to stand.

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He yanked her up, and forced her to look into the crystal ball, she saw someone looking straight back at her. A man, with black hair and three white streaks; his eyes were a goldish-silver, and his look was filled with anger. "I know you can hear me, where is Lina?!" He shouted, Lina's eyes widened, "I'm... here..."
Ginger had tears come to her eyes, it was Fae's moutht that was moving, but Lina's voice that came out of the lips. "Lina, is that you? Are you hurt?"
Lina grew increadibly weary, and dropped from Mosldar's grip; "She can't talk right now." Alex stiffened in the crystal ball when hearing his voice.
"Mosldar, where are you hiding? You're still a coward, you haven't changed a bit." Fae fell back into an enchanting unconciousness. "Mosldar!" Alex shouted, shaking Fae.

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