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((When not RPing, use double parenthisies. It's greenleaf))

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw licked her paws. ((brb, i have to go eat))

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw looked around for her mentor.

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments *hello?*

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((who is her mantor?))

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments ((She doesn't have one yet, sadly...))

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((hmm can i mae one?))

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Rosefur entered the clearing to find gingerpaw. "Hello."

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stonepaw walked out of the clareing

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw looked up. "Hi, Rosefur."

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Oakstar padded into camp.

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Shimmertail looked at Oakstar, "Do you want me to set up a dawn patrol?"

Creampelt watched as her kits dove for her tail, "Lionkit," she scolded as he snagged her tail.

"Sorry," Lionkit apoligized then tussled with Hazelkit near the edge of the nursery.

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"Yes please" Oakstar said.

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"take me take me"cried stonepaw

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Shimmertail dipped his head to Oakstar, hiding his amusement for his apprentice, "Okay." He looked around the camp, "I guess I'll lead the dawn patrol and take Stonepaw and Rosefur."

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cool "said stonpaw jumping up and down

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Shimmertail smiled and led the patrol out of camp. He looked down at his eager apprentice, "After this, if you're not too tired, I'll take you out for a hunting lesson."

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"thanks" he said buzzing with exitment

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Shimmertail turned around and headed towards the StormClan border.

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stonepaw sniffed

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Shimmertail padded foward and scented the border, "They haven't renewed their scents today. They aren't fresh." He stated. Shimmertail renewed their scents.

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw yawned.

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stonepaw came back from petrol and yawned crawling in to the appinitce den

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Lionkit sighed in anticipation of becoming an apprentice.

Hazelkit watched as Stonepaw padded into the apprentices den. "He's lucky. He gets to sleep in the apprentices den, and he gets to go on patrols! When will we get to be apprentices?"

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw watched Stormpaw.

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stonepaw lay down in she shade of a bush grooming him self

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Jessica wrote: "Gingerpaw watched Stormpaw. "

((Whoops, I meant Stonepaw. ))

Gingerpaw rolled onto her back and stated at the trees.

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"you.. wana get som thing to eat?"asked stonepaw shufling hes paws in the sand

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw rolled over and sat up. "Sure," she mewed, shrugging. She stood up an shook the dust from her pelt.

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Hazelkit sighed and bounced up to Creampelt, "I want to be an apprentice!" Creampelt looked down at her kit, "It shouldn't be too long now. You and your brother are just about six moons old." Hazelkit jumped up in excitement. "Yay!" she squealed.

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"come on"stonepaw said running to the fresh kill pail

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he picked out a plump vole and sat down newt to gingerpaw

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw picked up a small
Mouse and sat next to him. "How are you?"

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good .you,?"he mewed shyly

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good .you,?"he mewed shyly

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments ((Wow the two lovebirds!))

Lionkit sat down, trying to push away the excitement of becoming an apprentice.

((Can Oakstar make them apprentices now??))

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw smiled, then sighed. "I am, too. I just wish by mentor would train me!"

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"who is your mentor?"stonepaw mewed

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 93 comments Creampelt sighed, watching her jumpy kits. "Once they become apprentices, I can go back to being a warrior." she sighed, a smile dawning on her face.

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments "Rosefur. I haven't seen her in a long time." Gingerpaw shrugged.

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"oh you mean shes.."

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments "No, I don't think so. She just has been... Elusive." Gingerpaw plopped her head into the dirt.

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stonpaw scoted closer to gingerpaw and fell asleep curled up next to her

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Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw smiled over at him, something that was rather unusual for her. She yawned and also fell asleep.

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stonepaw curled up with gingerpaw

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his head lay next to hers

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 115 comments Gingerpaw twitched in her sleep.

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stonepaw woke strathing and yawning he nuged gingerpaw "you wana go on dawn petrole with me?"

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Oakstar was grooming in the sun.

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