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Hello, Welcome and Introductions

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message 1: by Sadaf (new)

Sadaf (saddaf) | 2 comments Mod
Hi, Welcome on here. I created this group to make a network of book lovers in Pakistan. I hope everyone who joins can take out sometime to introduce themselves. You don't have to give any info that you don't want to.

I am Saddaf! I am a mom, a wife ,a daughter in law and a full time professional! It isn't easy to take time out for reading but I manage to do so almost everyday! I mostly read fiction and occassionally indulge in non-fiction :) I read fiction across genres, from romance to mystery to fantasy!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello ,, I am Muhammad Ali and i love reading books especially when i am free for longer periods , a family man ,, have a few real friends ,,
but as they say " one is not alone till the last book exists ",, so indeed books are welcome ,,

I like fiction alot and to a lesser extent literary ones , although my favorite one is " the conquest of happiness " by Bertrand Russell ,

i dont need to give introductions to the admin here as she is my admin in one of the sister sites too ,, a wonderful person ,, God bless you ,Saddaf ,

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Sadaf (saddaf) | 2 comments Mod
Ali it's so nice to see you here :) I like this website better than the other one because it's more organized and has more features.. but ofcourse I love our group over there :) I hope we can make this one grow too :)

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