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Salinda | 19 comments Mod
I absolutly loved this book. From the begining I could not put it down. The girl Elonora was so captiviating and strong. She was very aware of the difficulties she would be facing when she started on her journey and of course wish she could by pass them. But that did not make her shy away, or stop. She just kept going reminded herself of what she was worth.

The first part that stayed with me is on my book page 15 it says " When she thought of how she looked she leaned more heavily against the fence and groaned; when she thought of turning back and wearing such clothing in ignorance all the days of her life, she set her teeth firmly and went hastily toward Onabasha" Wow! what a girl she knows how odd she will seem but she also knows to face it now will me she will remain that way forever and in ignorance.

Then shortly after on page 19 when she is begining to face the obstacles she realise " They might wear their pretty clothes, have their friend and make life a greater misery than it ever before had been for her, but not one of them should do better work or be more womanly. That lay with her. She was tall, straight, and handsome as she arose." Again finding within herself what she had that was worthwhile and not doubting it.

Then when it seems lost she just keeps her faith and finds another way. And she is very self reliant. When she could have easily said yes to her kind friends who wanted to give her things she needed. She instead found her own way. The beauty in that is that by doing that she kept their highest respect and will never wear our their friendship. To many times we take the easy way at the expense of our friends which while they may be willing can impose on a friendship if left to long. Also it limits us from finding our own strengths.

Please let me know your thoughts and we can talk about this very enjoyable book.

message 2: by Salinda (new)

Salinda | 19 comments Mod
The principles that I felt were in the book that affected me where perseverance, self worth, and being steadfast, or enduring to the end.

To me her feelings of self worth even when nothing was encouraging her for that were so admirable. Even her own mother brought her no encouragement. Yet because she was kind to her neighbors they brought her enough love to give her hope. However it can not be forgotten that she had it within her power to choose to be bitter, angry, and self doubting. Instead she choose to always perform at her best, to be kind, and to believe in her own qualities and abilities. Knowing that in the end this would bring her the best results. I realized that if I had more faith in myself and confidence in my abilities then I would too always come out with the better part and experience. Too often I let me own feelings of insecurity and inability stop me from doing something that in truth I would have enjoyed and benefited from. This too in her not giving up. She endured so well. I find in myself the often desire when things do not go as I planned to believe that maybe they where not meant to be. When in truth what it might mean is simply that I need to believe more and work a little harder. It motivated me to hold to my goals and believe myself capable of doing them even when all else says I can not. (even my own mother perhaps) She also was a great example of never giving in, never wavering in her vision of herself and her future. This even when she was dating the boy who was later to become her husband. Because she knew her own worth and what her future would be she felt no need to rush to "Get" him. Or to give into her liking him until all was well for him to begin to court her. To do that would have undermined all she stood for and made the future of the relationship less secure. She held her ground even when it was very difficult.

I truly felt that she was an excellent example of strength, especially for women. I am anxious for my own daughters to read it because I feel that it would most certainly add to their strength and their own willingness to never except less then what they truly are worthy of. To always try to find their own way and believe in the power of their own abilities.

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