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((rp here))

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Claws climbed a tree.

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Eli was randomly standing in the middle of the street...

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Claws leaped from the tree and landed like a cat, in the street.

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Eli jumped, 'HI, wanna paper?"

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"Kool." Eli gave her a paper.

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She grabbed it and climbed the tree again.

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Eli smirked. "Looks like war is breaking out among the states..."

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She looked back almost as to say, Follow and leaped onto a low roof.

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Eli followed.

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She started to walk off, getting higher and higher. ((Where should we go?))

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((tibee island? lol))

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 Araceli Rosemary walked down the street and spotted a girl walking on the roofs. "What in the world?" thought Rosemary

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She leaped to the next roof.

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 Araceli "Should you really be doing that? You could get hurt!" yelled Rosemary.

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She looked at Rosemary, "Ok." she walked back a few steps and leaped into a tree she climbed down a little and jumped out. she landed in a crouch. she was fine.

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 Araceli "Goodness. You seem just like a cat, jumping and running from roof to roof. I'm Rosemary." She stuck out her hand.

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"Elic, you can call me Claws." She shook her hand.

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 Araceli "Nice to meet you, Claws. Now, if you don't mid me asking, where were you going that required roof-running." She gave Claws a friendly smile.

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"For a walk."

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 Araceli "Oh, I see. Do you mind if I walk with you? Though, I'm afraid that I can only walk on the ground."

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"Alright." Claws stood.

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Eli went back to delivering papers.

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Lacie was walkin and ran into Eli "Sorry,I was not looking."

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Eli groaned, "Don't worry; most people normally dont."

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments "That's not true."

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Eli grinned shabily. "Sorry to rain on your parade; it is."

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Lacie laughed "You weren't, and no it's not."

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Eli frowned.

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments "Do you think people don't like you."

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Eli shook his head, "No, they just ignore me."

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments "Well am I ignoring you."

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Eli nodded, "Good; see ya, then." he walked off.

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Jack ass she muttered and walked off too.

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Eli pretended not t here that. He climbed a random tree that just randomly happened to be there.

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Lacie laughed,and walked to a tree and sat down and started to read her book.

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Eli fell asleep.

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Lacie looked up from her book and saw Eli sleeping and laughed and went back to reading her book.

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Eli woke up for about a second, grumbled, and then went back to sleep.

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Lacie laughed and went back to reading.

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*night time!*

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Krys Nicole | 63 comments Lacie kept reading even though it was night time.

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Claws walked though the streets.

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