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:D Yup,Yup! So what do you want to RP about?

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We could do highschoolers in a zombie apocalypse?
Or supernatural highschooler?

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Nope i don't mind:D
Could you create your charater first?
Oh and do you want them to be like super detailed?

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Okay I just know people who are and I just had to ask:D I'm kinda detailed but not all like the super dupper detailed:D

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It's good:D Kay I'm going to create mine now:)

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Name: Jeb Black
Age; 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human/vampire

Personality: He's one of the popular kids. But he doesn't like how they treat everyone else. He goes and apologizes to those his group picks on. He doesn't even now why he sticks around with them.

Family: His family is never there. Always gone on business trips. He is the one who has to stay because he's the youngest.

cheering people up

His group
most supernatural. Not all though.

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: Single/open

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I hate doing pics...They seem to hate me!
Okay he has black hair that covers his eyes. He has blue eyes, his 5' 11" and has medium skin tone.
And can you post first:D?

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Jeb walked into the hall way with his group. He was looking arouund when he saw a girl pressed against a locker by two bigger dudes. Like way bigger then her. He looked at his group and shrugged saying sorry as he walked over to the Bigger guys. He tapped one on the shoulder. "Really guys? Pick on someone your own size!" He glared.

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Jeb just laughed. He stuck out his hand and grabbed the guys fist and twisted it at odd angles. "Well it's my business now! You officially attacked me" He pushed the guy away making him slam into the lockers across from him. He turned and grabbed the bigger guy by the shoulder. "I suggest you put her down. Or the next time you slam her into that locker I'm going to be slamming something into your face" He glared.

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Jeb's face grew red from anger. He clentched his fists and stepped towards him. He punched him in the face sending him into an open locker. 'You little Shit"

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Jeb laughed and pulled the guy up by his boxers. He looked him in the face. "Your friend or brother was smart to run away. I would to if I were you" He threw him back where he was. Jeb turned to the girl and held out his hand. "You okay?" He asked

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Jeb shrugged. "Looked like you needed help" He smiled.
From behind him one of his friends called out "Come on Jeb! We have practice! Any day now!" Jeb sighed and took a step back but not turning. "If you need anything I' most of the classes but still you can watch or something sometime" He smiled and gave a little wave and turned and ran to his friends.

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Jeb ran into the mens locker room and changed into his football uniform while the guys slapped eachothers butts. He was the first one out on the field. He smiled when he saw her too, run out on the field. He ran over. "hey" He whispered in her ear smiling

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Jeb's head swung to the left. He looked back at her. He smileed "It was my fault...Probably thought it was those jerks huh?" On his right cheek was a perfect little red mark the was formed into a hand print.

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"Oh no it doesn't I'm fine" He smiled then looked back up at her. "You know I don't thinl you should where that hood all the time. Your quite pretty without it" Jebs coach turned to him.
"Come on Jeb Practice!"
Jeb sighed. "I gotta go! See you around" He waved and ran off

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Jeb watched her and smiled at her. But soon the wistle was blown and Jeb bent down. He called out plays and he caught the ball. He looked between players and threw it. Right after he threw it he was plowed to the ground

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((GTG continue later?))

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((Wow already goodnight for you O.O It's like 4 pm here now))

The bell rang which meant He glanced over looking for the girl he saw ealier. He scanned the crowd of people. He saw her and waved

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He ran into the locker room and starteed to change while all the guys...once again..slapped eachothers butts

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Jeb went to go say hi when he heard the girl he met earlier start to sing. He smiled and sat down in the grass and listened to her.

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"Um..Yeah but look at the time..I'm late" He checked his watch and ran off looking for the girl once again. He sighed and leaned against his locker after looking for her

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Jeb ran towards her "Hey wait!' He called. He walked faster and was by her side. "You have history next too?" He asked

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He smiled "Me too. Maybe I could sit by you" He smiled and glanced at him. He cleared his throat. "You have a good voice too bby the way...YOu should enter the Talent show..I bet you'll win" He smiled and blushed

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Jeb blushed. "Actually no...But if you don't want me to sit by you then..."He trailed off. "And you should think about it. I like your voice" He smiled

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He smiled "Well it's nice to meet you Caroline" He smiled. 'I like your name. Um.... I'll tell you my name if You'll let me sit by you" He smiled

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"One: I think your pretty cool and Two: Can't really call them friends" He mutters

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He chuckled. "Sweet" He opened the door for her.

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He sat beside her and smiled. He brought out his history book.


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((Ill be on at 3 or so I have volleyball practice but talk to you then))

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Jeb blushed. "Oh it's nothing" He shook his head

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He smiled. "Jeb. Jeb Black." He nodded. He smiled with his teeth a glimpse of his fang came out and he quickly covered his mouth

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((Sorry I had a storm and our internet went BYE BYE D:))

He nodded being careful not to smile with his teeth. "Nice to meet you...CJ" He smiled

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"What are you drawing" Jeb asked leaning over

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((I must go:( For I need sleep for my game tomorrow...Sorry))

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((Yeah I won and I'm so sorry I feel really bad))

Jeb looked at her and watched her go. He broke and ran after her. What did he do?

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He had almost ran out of breath when he caught up. "CJ?" He asked panting

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"What's wrong? Did I saw spmething?" He asked taking a few steps closer to her

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Jeb looked at her. "C...CJ?" He asked. Oh gosh was she? Kinda like him?

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Jeb step back and tripped falling to the ground still looking at her

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Jeb stood up and turned. He knew he couldn't out run her but he ran anyway

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Jeb was knocked to the ground. He lay there looking up into her wolf eyes. He smiled

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"So your a wolf. That's cool no wonder I liked you" He smiled showing his fangs,

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He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. He stood up holding her in his arms

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He looked down at her. "No" he whispered and told her to close her eyes as he walked through the woods

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He walked out and then decided to ditch school. He looked at her and walked over to his house

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"Of course" He smiled

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He smiled again and chuckled. "My place...Parents aren't around neither are my siblings so...yeah"

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"You need rest"

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"No need to brush it off miss CJ"

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"Not really" He answered arriving at his door

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