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Last Evenings on Earth - Bolano > Mauricio ("The Eye") Silva (Spoilers)

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Jim Discussion of the story "Mauricio ("The Eye") Silva" in Last Evenings On Earth. Spoilers may appear.

message 2: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim Another tale from Bolaño's Chilean expat files. Mauricio, a closeted homosexual that the narrator meets in Mexico City, moves to Europe to become a photographer. Many years later, the narrator "accidentally" runs into Mauricio in Berlin. They spend the night drinking and telling tales until finally Mauricio reveals the big story of his life.

In an attempt to somehow right a cultural wrong while on assignment in India, Mauricio kidnaps two young boys to prevent their ritualistic castration for religious purposes. Bolaño creates the mood of the temple/brothel in an unnamed Indian city. He takes us through the dark spaces without really showing much beyond the darkness. Mauricio, too, is sketched in just enough to get a feel for his essence, becoming another part of the environment, rather than a fully formed character. It's this shadow-like portrayal of people and places that seems to dominate this collection of short stories.

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