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No probs. what are ur fave rp scenarios?

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Anyone for a group rp with this idea:

5 early teenaged kids live in this one town where you have to take each step with caution. And these five get into lots of spooky adventures (like encountering ghosts, aliens, vampires, etc etc) in their town. There's also a little romance (not too much seeing all of them will be like 13-15 yr olds) and school life and all. Also they are not orphans, they have to balance the adventures and family life while keeping everything hidden from their parents and other people living in the town. Maybe there's also some good witch living in the town. And also one or two more guys who own some weaponry shop who believe that these spooky creatures enter, exit and live in that town.

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How's this?

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Cool. But we need more peeps along... Can you ask in the requests?

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We don't need more people just we need to play more then one character

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So we each have a boy and a girl

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Cool with me. I'll post my guy and girl characters soon. And they all should be in their early teens.

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Sorry I have lost interest in this

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