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Rose | 43 comments hey

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hey so what should it be about?

message 4: by Rose (new)

Rose | 43 comments lol i have no idea...what did u think when u decided to make a 1*1?

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i dont know ,what type of genre do you want to write about

message 6: by Rose (new)

Rose | 43 comments i usually just write whatever i feel...wbu?

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me too ,so what do you feel like writing now?

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Rose | 43 comments i dont usually just sit down to write...but when i do it's like im d biggest emotional mess ever!..its a good thing i'm not like that right now cause im supposed to be studying (but m not...actually procrastinating )


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Rose | 43 comments how about u?

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i don't know i sometimes get an idea in my head and write but i do write alot of poetry

I have to go and study now,bye!!

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Rose | 43 comments me too! bye :)

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Do you want to do a fantasy story?

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Rose | 43 comments sorry what?

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Don't worry about it

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Rose | 43 comments No tell. Wht r u talking about? Im sorry.

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Ok do you want do do a fantasy 1*1

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