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Sheri | 6343 comments Mod
Hunting For Light by Tripp Blunschi Tripp Blunschi
Genre: Chick-Lit/Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 216

Book Description:
Traveling in a state-of-the-art Fleetwood motorhome, Rachel Willers escapes the darkness of her old life, and drives to Hunting Island, South Carolina, to fulfill a promise, two years in the making. But as she struggles with infertility and the loss of her one true love, she’s haunted by an historic lighthouse, extinguishing any hope of brightening her future.

That’s when she meets Ellie, a beaming eleven year old girl, whose friendship sparks a mother-daughter bond Rachel never thought she’d have, and whose father falls for Rachel, leading to a tender romance. But there is something about Ellie that Rachel can’t quite put her finger on. As the shadows of her past begin to resurface, Rachel fights to keep her new romance alive, until a shocking revelation spirals her into a darkness that only an angel and a true lighthouse secret can brighten.

Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, Hunting for Light is a compassionate love story set on the picturesque beaches of Hunting Island, South Carolina. This deeply moving, Southern novel offers animated and compelling characters, intertwining two equally significant love stories, and shows how the choices made in one, affects the other—and sometimes, there are no choices at all.

In his debut novel, Tripp Blunschi has written an unforgettable story of love, loss, and hope.

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message 2: by Willa (new)

Willa Jemhart | 38 comments I'm interested in ePub. Thanks!
Willa Jemhart

Lady Vigilante (Feifei) (ladyvigilante) Sent in your request Willa

message 4: by Tripp (new)

Tripp Blunschi (trippblunschi) ePub sent. Thank you!

message 5: by Tonya (new)

Tonya | 20 comments I would be interested, sounds like a good read! :)

message 6: by Lady Vigilante (Feifei) (last edited Sep 09, 2013 09:42AM) (new)

Lady Vigilante (Feifei) (ladyvigilante) What format Tonya?

message 7: by Tonya (new)

Tonya | 20 comments I apologize, mobi please :)

Lady Vigilante (Feifei) (ladyvigilante) Great, sent in your request Tonya

message 9: by Tripp (new)

Tripp Blunschi (trippblunschi) Tonya, the mobi file has been sent. Thank you!

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy H (twinypa) 3 copies left

message 11: by Tony (new)

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments I would be glad to read/review/rate UR book for U 12/10/13
tony parsons MSW

message 12: by Amy (new)

Amy H (twinypa) sent in your request

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Ceri Elin Anwen (CeriElinAnwen) I'm new to Goodreads but I would love to review this:
Ceri Elin Anwen
pdf please

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Tana (tana_t) | 14679 comments Mod
sent in your request Ceri

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