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Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2849 comments I awoke and looked at my watch, 7:47 a.m. I never wake up this early I thought to myself why on earth am I up so early? As I adjusted my eyes I realized I had much bigger issues like where was I? This is not my bed in fact it's not even my room but yet I remember going to bed last night. Right? Yes of course I did, I wacthed some t.v, had a glass of milk, fed the cat and then crawled into my own bed. Yet here I wake and I am not in my room. As I look around me I notice theres no where to look its pitch dark. I feel around and realize I'm on a metal surface. Hmm..where ever I am It explains why I'm up so early, sleeping on metal. My backs gonna feel this later. Okay so I got to figure out where the heck I am here, so lets see. I feel around to my side and realize theres a wall to both my left and right. I look up and realize theres another wall. I'm still a big groggy and tired so maybe I'm imagining this. I pinch myself..nope I'm awake alright. I check my pocket for my phone, ah here we go.

I look at my messages and calls, nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary. As I shine the light I notice metal all around me. Solid strips all the way down as I lay. Is someone playing a joke on me? Thats it this is all a joke and I'm in a coffin. Yup, I'm in a..wait though no coffin is this metallic, no way. I mean they are suppose to be comfy and padded and this is all metal. Did I get abudcted by aliens and I'm laying on a slab in their headquarters? Psh..what am I thinking theres got to be a more logical reason then that. Okay so lets see I know for a fact that I went to bed last night that is certain. Yet I am now in a metal crate or retangular space and I don't know where or why..If only I...oh god...oh dear god! It suddenly occurs to me where I am! I don't know why I'm in here but my god..I'm in the morgue! I slam my fists on the metal below me and above me screaming to get out. Please someone!! Anyone!! Theres been a misunderstanding, I'm not dead!!

I bang on the metal for a good 5 minutes..nothing. I'm starting to panic and freak out. Why and how am I here? Am I dead? That could be it..maybe I died and I just don't know it. Maybe I'm dreaming..no I pinched myself and made sure I was awake..god!! I wish I knew why I ended up in here or how or anything. I replay thoughts over and over of my night and whether or not I'm dead or dreaming or alive and someones playing a sick joke on me. I stop thinking for a moment before I really loose my mind. I begin banging on the metal sides and even try to get my hands back to press on the door, nothing. Gah why won't anyone hear me! Maybe I'm not even in the morgue but then again what the hell is this place then. Theres no use, I may as well just go back to sleep I don't want to wear myself out. Maybe If I sleep I'll awaken, yeah cause that makes sense. Gah just shut up and go to sleep and relax and it will all be fine soon. I take one last glance at my watch before falling asleep, it was 8:39.

I awaken and let out a yawn, oh man what a crazy dream I had. I adjust my eyes and realize its still pitch dark. I feel around me and it's still metal. No!! It can't be! Damnit, this doesn't make sense. Okay well clearly I'm not dreaming cause why would I keep waking up here and not wake up already? I go to pound on the metal again before I realize for the first time I hear something. I listen closely and realize theres voices as if someone is in the room outside here talking. I start pounding on the metal as loud as I can while screaming at the top of my lungs. They got to hear me now I mean come on, I'm definitely getting out of here. I slam on the walls for at least another good 5 minutes. Still no one comes. Are they deaf? Did I really hear voices? Ugh so many questions and no answers. I look at my watch, its 10:27 a.m.

I lay there for what seems like forever. I look down at my watch and only 15minutes have gone by. Finally I hear something near me. Oh my god someones going to finally open this door and let me out! Yes oh god, hey! HEY! I shout. After a minute the door opens and I see the light and the room and I get slid out from out of the confinement and look around. Okay so this is definitely a morgue. Suddenly I feel as though I'm being lifted. I look over and see a the mortician standing there. Hey! Whats the meaning of this?! I yell. I still feel as though I'm rising. He does and says nothing to me. Suddenly I realize I'm above at the ceiling looking down at the mortician and...my..my body? Whats going on?! Am I dreaming again?

Another person comes in the room and talks to the mortician. ''What do we have?'' the man asks. ''Gunshot victim. Guy blew his own brains out apparently.'' Neighbor heard his cat howling and came over and found em.'' The mortician says. ''Wow, thats awful. any suicide note?'' ''Nope, nothing. Nothing at all.'' I hear what the men say but can't believe it. I killed myself and I didn't realize it but I know now why I felt like I was trapped. I needed to get out, I needed to wake up.

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2849 comments A short story that I wrote last year fitting for around this time.

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