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Rebecca Brown Did anyone else notice the cameo by Dorian and Chaol about halfway though this novella? I just got past it but love the tie in to what happens a year or so later.

Rebecca Brown Yeah, it was Dorian :3 She was being drunk and avoiding saying her name.

Rebecca Brown I can't decide yet. I'm currently reading the last novella though I kind of don't want to finish it since I know what'll happen to Sam...

Rebecca Brown Yeah, and I finished the novellas last night. Can't wait for more!

Rebecca Brown It was very interesting. I couldn't put it down for long and some parts I really didn't see coming. Sarah's writing style always keeps me entranced :3 I'd really like to be able to write as well as she can someday.

Rebecca Brown The 3rd seems to be set up to be very interesting...

Diana Braxton Gabrielle - Four's ma bae wrote: "he was so sweet! We'll i always think he's sweet and love him after the second book - bless him!

just wanna hug him so much

i prefered the Celeana novellas to the books though - what about you?"

I didn't like the 1st book that much, and was honestly considering quiting the series, but then I read the Novellas and fell in love and became heart broken and felt the need to throw myself off the cliff.

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