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message 1: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn Golledge (carolyngolledge) | 3 comments Mod
They say you write what you know. I've had many very unusual, and often verifiable, supernatural experiences. I consider myself of a scientific bent first and foremost. But I can't find answers. So I wrote Sunweavers and a pragmatist engineer haunted by his dead brother. I had a dead friend appear one night, I'd not seen her in years. I shrugged it off. Talked to a mutual friend weeks later, and she said, did you know friend died. She had the exact time of death. It was the same time I saw the 'ghost'. AFTER this I recalled at a 21st party we has made a solemn oath whoever died first would come back and tell the other... so, explanations? (and there are other experiences as well)

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn | 2 comments I have heard of promises kept in that way.

I've had multiple personal encounters, but the most interesting one in my family happened to my sister. We lived in a house when I was in high school that I firmly believed was haunted based on the feelings I had there and some experiences. I had dreams from the first night of malevolent entities. I had a lot of cold spots in the wing of the house where my bedroom was located. The door had a mind of its own, which my parents attributed to wind, but I have never heard wind manipulate a doorknob and door that way. We also had a secret passageway that opened off one of the utility closets.

Years after we moved, I jokingly referred to "our haunted house" and my sister agreed with my description. There was a daybed in the attic with a storage compartment underneath. I used to raid it for piano music that was stored up there. My sister found a journal, written in a little girl's handwriting. Because she was interested in the contents, she took it to her room.

That night, she woke up to find the face of a young girl at her window. The girl was standing outside, but my sister's room was on the second story and had no balcony outside. The following night, it happened again. On the third day, my sister returned the journal to the attic and she never saw the girl again.

As for more personal experiences, I attended Bay State String Camp for three summers. I learned never to go into the attic of the rehearsal hall because it was always freezing in an un-air-conditioned space in a Massachusetts July. I could also stand beneath one rafter and feel something tapping my shoulderblades. It was in the spot, I discovered, where the first owner of the camp had hung herself during the Great Depression.

That same camp had been built on the site where a town had been until it was wiped out by disease. The only building left standing was the church and it was off-limits for a number of reasons. We steered clear of it, but had to hide on the grounds one day. The insect infestation was incredible. The following day, all of the girls in my cabin reported that we had seen a man dressed as a priest in our cabin the night before, but his face was wasted away to a skull.

On a less ghostly note, I spent 18 months as a missionary in California. Three of those months were spent working with a missionary from Mexico. On our first visit to a home, she once told me that the girl we had been speaking to had recently had an abortion. Two weeks later, the girl told us just that. After that experience, I trusted her intuition. One night, we were walking to an appointment in San Fernando when my fellow missionary stopped dead in her tracks. She announced that we had to return to our car immediately. I did as she ordered and she asked me to keep an eye on the moon. I watched the moon, which had an orangeish haze around it on an otherwise clear night. Two intersections later, the haze disappeared. She explained that the moon's appearance changed when we left the influence of the witchcraft that was being practiced in that area.

I went on a research trip to Philadelphia a couple of years ago. My book was set in one of the older sections of the city and i wanted to explore the neighborhoods. At the corner of Locust and 3rd St., my traveling companion suddenly couldn't breathe. She described it as feeling like a panic or asthma attack and it only subsided when we left that neighborhood. While I had wanted to spend a half an hour or so photographing and exploring that district, I took only four pictures. In two pictures, the architecture is clear. In one, there are several orbs blocking the view of the house that I had been photographing. In the last, you can clearly see a semi-transparent man staring over his shoulder at the camera. These pictures were all taken in the course of one minute at Locust and 3rd.

Finally, last year, I went to Dublin with a friend. She has a lot of experience with these sorts of things--she lives in a house where someone was murdered, she's done ghost-hunting and she has some powers that are definitely more psychic than anything I've ever had. I, on the other hand, have just had run-ins with the paranormal.

Because we're both such enthusiasts, we decided to go on a Dublin Ghost Tour. One of our stops was at St. Kevin's graveyard and monastery. The monastery had been through two fires and the guide explained that many people felt something in one particular section of the ruin. I visited the altar, where he had reported those experiences, and felt weak-kneed from the oppressive feeling in the air. Through the entire tour of the graveyard, though, I had felt as though someone was watching me. I couldn't see anything--it was 10 o'clock at night--but felt watched. We were on our way out of the graveyard when this friend stopped, pointed exactly to the place where I felt whoever or whatever it was had been standing and told me, "It's right there." I hadn't told her about the feeling at all. The guide also claimed that people never got pictures of orbs, which can indicate spirits. Our pictures of that graveyard and the church where we ended the tour were full of orbs.

message 3: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn Golledge (carolyngolledge) | 3 comments Mod
As soon as I get time I want to answer you as fully as you've commented, as I've had Identical experience of cold spots. My sister looking to rent, I entered the house first, said whatever you do do NOT rent this house. It was FREEZING in one room at back of house, and I've never felt so malevolent a presence. She rented anyway. One night weeks later, she, her husband (very macho) and their little daughter arrived at my home at midnight. THe man was still clutching a baseball bat and as white as a sheet. THe whole house had started shaking and a fierce pounding noise was heard. When they went outside they couldn't hear a thing. Inside the 'ghost' kept trying to force them out, and succeeeded with people who never believed. It was very scary and they told more stories of what went on. Also, at an old building I attended as a school, we never entered the upstairs bathroom for similar reasons, and a woman's ghost seen on the stairs.
On holiday, I went to have a nap in an out building and felt someone sit on the bed and very cold. I left, thinking my imagination (like the hero in my book, I keep making up reasons it's NOT happening! ) My brother slept the night there and he is very tough and doesn't believe. He came in at breakfast looking terrible and said , straight out, 'there's a ghost in that building' (I had NOT told him of my experience) He said it moved the mosquito net and sat on the bed, and it kept him awake all night in fear. WE later learned there had been a young aboriginal girl murdered there. In regards to the other rental home, we learned years later from the local historical group that it had been the original jail and had held a terrible murderer.
So, if ghosts and such really exist, how and why, and what does it all mean for us? Those are issues that drove me to start writing (I was diagnosed with MS and confined to a wheel chair and began writing as a result) Thankfully, I'm now in remission and doing much better! I have more ghost stories to relate and other good spirits too... but enough for now! Thanks for joining in and sharing! I appreciate it much!

message 4: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn | 2 comments Unfinished business? Loneliness? Selfishness? I've always felt like the departed are looking for empathy or vindication.

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Carolyn Golledge (carolyngolledge) | 3 comments Mod
Agreed. In some cases they're just lost, alone, frightened, and thus angry.
But, it occurs to me that I left out the most important and unusual of all the contacts I've had. I was lying awake in bed in total dark when the room lit with what can only be described as an unnearthly light, and most beautiful, soft and gold. A face appeared amid it that I immediately recognized as being a friend and co-worker (we were both teachers at an infants school) I'd not seen or heard from her in at least ten years. She was radiating the most incredible joy. Then, just as quickly, she vanished. Being me, I tried to discount it as my imagination.
Two weeks or so later, I happened to contact another teacher friend. Suddenly, she said to me, 'Did you know Angela M.(yes that truly was her name!) died?'
A shock went right through me. I asked what had happened. She said Angela had had a hysterectomy. She'd gotten up to have a shower and had collapsed, her heart stopped from massive bleeding. She was pronounced dead at PRECISELY the moment I saw her.
I didn't know what to make of this. Some time later, I recalled many years before, being at her brother's 21st birthday. We three sat up till after 3am, talking about the possibility of an after life. We held hands and swore a solemn oath that whoever died first would come back and let the others know if there was anything after death. I'd long since forgotten about it.
I swear, as God is my witness, every word of this is true. That one has me utterly stumped, more than any other 'spooky' stuff that's happened in my life.
I love science, and I want reasons why things happen. But I don't have any for this. I suppose that's why, unwittingly, I wrote myself into the main character in my Sunweavers novels. He has inherited what his people think of as magical powers. But he does not believe, in fact is almost phobic about anything to do with 'magic' and has trained as a military engineer. So, when impossible things start happening to him, he comes up with flimsy plausible 'explanations' that amuse and frustrate his newly come-by Sunweaver friend... until their lives depend on him believing and harnessing his abilities.
This has become a very long post! I'll be surprised if you're read it all.
Thanks much for your input.

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