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who eles HATED this ending?

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janet i was not very plessed with this ending it was an ok series what did you think?!

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Amanda I did hate that Amma had to die to save Ethan but other than that I really liked the ending!!

Sara I felt disappointed in the ending as well. It all was tied up with a pretty bow and that’s exactly why I didn’t like it. I have to admit by the time I got to this book my patience with the series was waning. I found it hard to stay interested and the plot very repetitive. I don’t think I am necessarily the target market though so that may factor into it.

janet another reason i didn't like it was because i wanted to know what happened to them in the futrue do they have kids? that has really been bugging me everyday after i read that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Scales I thought the ending was just fine. Rather well written actually. There are many books/series ending with no resolution to a mystery.

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Joey Reyes I found the ending really boring. I mean after all that's happened in the series you'd expect an amazing finale but it was just about Ethan coming back to life - which I also found really strange, considering how volunteering he was at dying in the third book.

Catherin Series was great but Amma died. It's soooo sad

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I loved the entire book and the entire series except for the ending in Beautiful Chaos.

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