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Do you read in bed? Do you use a special pillow for neck comfort?

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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen Johnson (jenjohnsonohio) Okay, so strange question I know but I need some advice! I read all the yummy alpha male books in bed and it is taking a toll on my neck. My birthday is coming and I would like to ask for some sort of pillow to use for reading in bed that will support my neck and allow me to read comfortably for many many hours a night :). Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks! -Jen

message 2: by D.c. (new)

D.c. Bell (authordcbell) | 5 comments Afraid I am an omnivorous reader (anywhere, anytime, make the time), but after a really horrendous mishap involving raspberry margaritas, a throw rug, and a cat I found one of these for propping my neck (very sprained, reading recipes sideways is deeply not fun )

I really love this thing, I'll bet I can read upside down now. The trick is not to inflate it too much: The Travel Rest Pillow Re-invented--http://www.amazon.com/TravelRest-Ulti...

message 3: by Fil (new)

Fil (magab64) | 23 comments need one of these myself! I always read in bed, need something! Great idea!

message 4: by Firetop (new)

Firetop | 22 comments I have a log type pillow I use. About 18" long and very comfy behind the next.

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura Laidman (laura_raptor) Thanks for posting this! I'll definitely have to check out some of these suggestions. I love reading in bed but it always gives me a migraine. Maybe one of these pillows will help

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