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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
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message 1: by Stephanie, Super Mod (new) - rated it 5 stars

Stephanie (lastnightsbook) | 346 comments Mod
Hello September readers! I have seen we've chosen Junot Diaz to be the it book for the month!

I've read this previously and found it to be both an easy and difficult read. It's a fast read, but Diaz tends to go back and forth in time and locations, and I found it work to his favor. As well, there is a lot of spanish/spanglish in this book, so google translate helps as well as discussing it here.

Reading schedule:

September 1 - 8: Part I: One-Hunt the Light Knight

September 9 - 15: Part I: Amor! - Part I: Four

September 16 - 22: Part II: Five- Part II: Six

September 23- 30: Part II: The Dark Age - Part II: The Final Letter

Happy reading everyone!

message 2: by Rose, Mod (new) - added it

Rose (rtrinh) | 153 comments Mod
I'll be participating on this one! I have a reading schedule I need to set for my own blog, but I'll be able to start this once the weekend begins :)

Jennifer | 185 comments Just got going!

message 4: by Stephanie, Super Mod (new) - rated it 5 stars

Stephanie (lastnightsbook) | 346 comments Mod
I'm glad you're both joining us! We may not get a lot of activity but it's something and as a person who had to go from a in person book club to an online one, it's a bit harder but worth it to know that I'm not the only reader out there :)

message 5: by Megan, Mod (new) - rated it 1 star

Megan (maptree) | 198 comments Mod
I have read this book with Annie in a class at University and we have very different opinions on it, which is great. She loved the book, me, not so much. The back and forth, the English and then Spanglish, was just to much for me. Not that I found it difficult, I just found it unnecessary.

I will be interested to hear what others have to say about it!

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