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RIP Frederick Pohl

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message 2: by Lamora/Ches (new)

Lamora/Ches (lamora) | 22 comments Oh no, Seamus Heaney last month, and now Frederik Pohl. Wow. Rest in peace. :(

message 3: by Andreas (new)

Andreas He will be missed. Rest in peace.

message 4: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Lawston (andrewlawston) | 52 comments I'm ashamed to say Gateway is the only Pohl I've read. I need to sort that out.


message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Harmon (thesaint08d) | 639 comments SO sad we have been losing so many great authors over the last few years.

message 6: by Pickle (new)

Pickle | 192 comments RIP Mr Pohl..

message 7: by Casey (new)

Casey | 654 comments Can we at least spell his name right?
I really enjoyed Gateway. I should finish up that series.

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