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Write a review, not a plot summary.

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message 1: by Gretta (last edited Sep 02, 2013 05:03PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gretta Gretta Curran Browne says-

It is the most ungrateful and selfish thing a reader can do - give away all the plot and storyline including the ENDING - especially when that reader has got to read the book as a free gift from both Amazon and the author.

BELOW are what some Amazon readers say on this point:

Mark Hill says:
Every book on Amazon has a plot summary. So why are people writing paragraph after paragraph repeating the plot? Just say what you think of the book and why.

lightdove says:
I have to completely agree with Mark Hill about readers relating the entire plot of a book rather than reviewing it, it incenses me! I've just read some reviews about a book and at least FIVE of them (and these are just the ones I read before I gave up in disgust) have given away the main points of the plot! The main character loses her husband AND her job, oh AND her house, AND her cat dies, and then the cheating husband decides he doesn't really care for the woman he left his wife for and wants her back but she doesn't want him as she is getting on fine and has reinvented herself and her career! What on earth is the bloody point in reading the book now?? And aren't Amazon supposed to vet these reviews? Well if so, they are not doing a very good job of it! I'm really annoyed both with these stupid people giving away the entire story and with Amazon for not doing their job properly.

lightdove says:
I feel exactly the same as the lady above and have had the same issue and have had something ruined for me by some air head who obviously has delusions of grandeur and think they are writing for the Sun and burble on and on giving an entire story away in the process! They really need to look up the word 'review' and 'plot' and learn the difference before they start rambling on and in the process end up writing the entire book when the author has already done so! They seem to lose track completely that all that information is actually IN the book and that that is what the book is there for! It's not their job, it's the author's job. And like the lady above I can't understand why Amazon lets them get away with it. After all isn't it Amazon's job to review the reviews and decide whether they adds something to do the reviews or detracts from them? And as they so obviously detract they should be thrown in the trash bin where they belong.

Templar Truth says:
I completely agree with the comments above. There is one extremely frequent reviewer of many religious books, who, whilst clearly trying to be helpful, is overdoing it in explaining all of the ins and outs and background information of the books in question. It would be so much more helpful if he would curb his tendency to write academic outlines and simply give us a shorter simpler review as to why he likes the books in question and why he recommends them. I am finding it really tedious having to scroll past his long outlines to read the much simpler personal reviews, especially if it is also when reading the reviews on my Kindle itself.

Also as long as Amazon gives us full enough previews of all books, and PLEASE not just the introductory forwards and contents pages, we can very easily evaluate the structure and tones of the books for their usefulness and enjoyment for ourselves. The criteria should be that we ought to be able to look at a book and at least some of its actual main text, in a similar way to if we were in a bookshop having a good look through.

Posted on 23 Aug 2013 11:47:55 BDT
corby woman says:
If it's a long review, don't read it - it's only describing the story.Posted on 23 Aug 2013 11:47:55

message 2: by Gretta (last edited Oct 12, 2013 09:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gretta Exactly - and what is so sickening is when some readers get the book - ergo as a free GIFT - to go on Goodreads and write a spiteful review is just appalling and shows a mean and spiteful character. I have seen too many of these nast reviews for too many respected authors and can't help wondering who these arrogant reviewers are? Still - karma for them - when they least expect it and others will give the same spiteful criticism to them in their line of work!

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