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hey :)
so i wanna do a realistic romance you up for it right ?

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Sounds good to me. Anything specific?

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um no just no supernatural stuff thats it

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Okay. Do you prefer playing the boy, girl, or do you want to do doubles?

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um am ok with both as i dont mind being a girl or a boy actually you chose :)

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Haha, okay. Then would you mind if I play a girl? I'm doing several RPs right now, and am the boy in all of them so I'd like to take a quick break. :)

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hehe not at all go on :) oh ok so um which kind of theme do you have any ideas ?

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Well, I might be able to come up with something. Do you think they should be in high school, college, or out of school?

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out of school :P
1)mental assylum
2)love triangle
3)arranged marriage
5)Friends getting hot but not dating
6)teacher student
7)Paranormal Romance
11)end of the world
12)bf gf turned Stepbrother/stepsister
15)lost island
16)war life
18)ancient rp kings and queens
19)treasure hunters
22)best friends turned lovers

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Runaways sounds fun to me!

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um ok i can try that :)

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Ok, where should they be running away to? Do they meet each other before or after they runaway?

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um lets say they ran away together ?? as they loved each other and the families wont prove their love ?

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Okay, I like it. Should we start making our characters? How old do you think they should be?

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um ok sure um um um 24?

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cαяяιє | 208 comments 24 sounds good. Where should they run away to... New York?

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Name :Nathan Hal
Age : 25
looks :

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sure um from LA to NYC ?

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sorry i cant make detailed charries but i do detailed roleplay

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Name: Emma Johnson
Age: 24
Appearance: description

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cαяяιє | 208 comments ⚜Aakanksha ♥ ❤ ♥ totaly in love with Dimitri ♥ ❤ wrote: "sorry i cant make detailed charries but i do detailed roleplay"

It's fine! I don't mind.

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cool :) hey can you start ??

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Sure, are we gong to where they are running away, or already have?

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um no to were they plan to tell their family what about that ?

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Okay, so they're planning to tell their parents about their relationship?

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yup like they talking about it as they are so madly in love hey how far do you go in romance ?

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cαяяιє | 208 comments I don't mind going far, but I prefer to do it in PMing.

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same here

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Okay :) I'll start the rp, just give me a sec.

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ok sure

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Emma was laying on the beach, Nathan next to her. She turned to him and smiled, batting her eyelashes. The sun was just starting to set and it was starting to get chillier. She was only wearing a tank top and shorts over her swimsuit and goosebumps were starting to raise on her arms and legs. "We should tell our parents, I don't want to sneak around behind their backs anymore. I love you, and I don't care who knows," she told him in a soft voice. Seagulls were flying over their heads and she could hear their cawing.

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Nat leans up and kissed her softly with a slight nod "Yes baby we should maybe tomorrow ok together "he asked her.He was only wearing his swim shorts.When he felt goosebumps on her body he pulled a blanket out the bag and wrapped it around her.Caressing her cheek with love "I love you more "he completes.They have met 3 years ago and she could still drive him crazy for her .He loved her trusted her his life and really wanted to marry her take her hand from her father's and call her his for life.He wanted to be with her when she needed and Stand by her to protect her.

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Emma leaned in closer to him and smiled brightly. She loved him with her whole heart and couldn't wait for her parents to know. She loved the way he made her feel beautiful and special. He made her feel like she was worth the world, and she wanted her parents to understand that. Wrapping her arms around him, she said happily, "We'll tell them tomorrow, then." She could still remember the first time they had met. She had been carrying her groceries home and he offered to help her. She had felt a spark of connection right away.

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It was getting darker and the turtle babies started to come out of the sand and made their way to the sea.Nat smiled he loved it it was perfect the lady he loved and nature he was with both of them "This is perfect "he said as the moon took over the sky and they lay their wearing the sky under the moon light.He wrapped his hand around her waist pulling the blanket on her legs as well."You sure you wanna be here i mean you getting colder love "he asked worried for her health

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Emma watched the small turtles come out of the sand and make their way slowly to the ocean. She sighed with contentedness at the pure perfection of the night. She gave him a quick peck on his lips and said, "I'm fine, stop worrying!" She laughed a little and turned her face up to the moon. She pointed to a group of stars and said, "See that? The Big Dipper," she loved star gazing, it made her feel like she was a part of something bigger.

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He kissed her back and nods following her gaze "Wow "he whispered as a baby turtle crashed on his shoulder and climbs up on his chest.He tips the turtles small nose he loved them and he seemed to love him as well.

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Emma laughed as the small turtle clambered onto Nathan's chest. It was as if they were in a dream, everything was so beautiful and quiet. It was like they had the whole world to themselves. Sighing, Emma looked back up at Nathan and said, "We should probably go back home now."

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He nods "as you wish " he said with a wink and sits up placing the baby turtle back on the sand.He looks at Emma's beautiful face in the moon light and smiled caressing her cheek "I cant wait to call you mine in public "he whispered in a soft adorable voice, still looking in her eyes .Getting lost in them in the endless depth of her eyes.They always caught him.

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Emma could feel her butterflies in her stomach at the way he looked at her. It was a going thing it was getting dark outside because she knew she was blushing. It was amazing that he could he still make her feel this way, after 3 years of dating. She smiled at him softly and said, "I'll always be yours. And I can't wait either."

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He smiled and kissed her cheek before getting up as he have promised her that he will not cross the line till she wanted him to.He let out a hand for her and helped her get up.Taking his back pack he gave her the dress she was wearing when she left her house "Here Em wear this "he tells her handing it over and turned the other way around closing his eyes as always with a slight hint of smile on his face.

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cαяяιє | 208 comments She reached out and took her dress from his hands. "Thank you kind sir," she said to him as she took a step back. She quickly changed into her dress and stepped back over to him, hugging him around the waist and resting her chin on his shoulder. "Ready?"

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He chuckled "Always am "he said and spunk her around hugging her "Be careful and please call me once you reach ok "he requests this was always the scariest part letting her walk alone down her house at night he never wanted to do that but he was a middle class men loving a first class girl which made things difficult for both of them specially her when ever she was spotted with him

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cαяяιє | 208 comments Emma rolled her eyes at his concern, but was flattered all the same. It was nice to have someone care about what happened to you, to see if you were okay. She kissed him again, before she stepped away from their embrace. She winked at him and repeated, "Always am. And I will call you when I get home."

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Nat smiled at the kissed"Love you " he said and lets her go stood there till she disappeared in the darkness.He never would have let her walk alone if it was in his control.

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Nat waits for her call al night but she din call him so he took off for her house at 3 am at night super worried and tensed this was the first time she did this thing.She always called

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