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message 1: by Gabriel (new) - added it

Gabriel Boutros | 115 comments After an orgy of downloads over the wild weekend, how are those Monday morning blues?
Well, I did it: I got myself over 10,000 copies of my novel, The Guilty, downloaded for free on Kindle. Sunday was the last day of my three-day promo, and I wasn't sure if there would be reader fatigue by then. Instead, more than half the downloads were on this one day alone.
Shocked. Stunned Flabbergasted. You name it, if it involved me jumping up and down like a crazy person, that's how I felt.
So I wake up this morning and check out the final tally: Yipes! There's gotta be a couple of zeros too many there. But, no, it seems these numbers are real. I feel like I just ate the biggest and best piece of chocolate cake in history. I am so bloated with self-satisfaction I can hardly lift my swollen head off my pillow. My ego is getting its own private number! Talk about your morning-after hangover.
But, then the #1 question comes up? Other than the fact that more people than I can imagine will be reading my book (for free, of course) what else will I get out of this? I don't have another book about to come out soon, so all those downloads won't be giving any of my other work a sales boost. Whatever benefit the promo provides it'll have to be for this one lonesome story. The difference will be all about word of mouth, getting some (hopefully) good reviews eventually, having a little more exposure on Amazon and on-line generally, etc.
I have, in fact, started getting some paid downloads already today; more than I did for the whole month of August, so there has to be some cause and effect there. Is it the start of something good, or the last gasp of the interest that was created by my promo? Did getting up to number 14 on Amazon's free Kindle list, a list I never knew existed before, make my book more attractive to potential readers? Or, at least just bring it to the attention of more readers? I wish I knew. I've read so many stories by authors who were thrilled by the results of their promos, and others who found it a major waste of time. It's hard to do more than roll the dice and cross my fingers.
As always, there is much that is outside our control, and so often the reasons for the way things turn out are vefy unclear. I'll check in from time to time with news, if any.
(If I spent as much time writing my next book as I did fretting over the marketing of the first one, I'd be a lot closer to getting it on the bookshelves by now.)

message 2: by Stacey (new)

Stacey Atkinson (StaceyDAtkinson) | 7 comments Wow, good for you on the insane amount of downloads!!! Sounds like the promo really worked for you. I'm sure you'll get some reviews and residual sales out of this, no doubt. It's interesting, as you say, that you're not sure what more there is to get out of this. All the more reason to write the next book, right? I am struggling with the same thing. I'm preparing to release my debut novel this month, but already feel the pressure to have something else for sale. FYI, the best advice I ever got from a very successful author was: The key to building a career as an author is to write the next book.

message 3: by Gabriel (new) - added it

Gabriel Boutros | 115 comments That's actually very good advice, Stacey. I wish I'd followed it sooner. I'll definitely get back to writing some more once I stop obsessing over numbers. ;)

message 4: by C.B. (new)

C.B. Pratt (cbpratt) | 42 comments Congratulations!

I hope you get some stellar reviews to drive more sales.

It's so easy to keep checking that status report, isn't it?

message 5: by Gabriel (new) - added it

Gabriel Boutros | 115 comments C.B. wrote: "Congratulations!

I hope you get some stellar reviews to drive more sales.

It's so easy to keep checking that status report, isn't it?"

You know it!

message 6: by Abby (new) - added it

Abby Vandiver | 124 comments Well, I wsnt to know besides discounting the book what did you do to get so many downloads??? That is awesome. Please share your secret.

message 7: by Gabriel (new) - added it

Gabriel Boutros | 115 comments There is no secret, just a combination of factors, and probably some luck. First of all, I advertised the promo on many, many sites. Until I looked into it I didn't have any idea there were so many sites that exist purely to list free Kindle Promos. Some of these sites charge premiums to put your promo on their front page, or on the top of their list. I only went with the free ads.
You can check out this link for a list of several such sites:
You can probably find more on your own.
I suppose that my own growing net activity, on sites like Goodreads, Author's Den and others, as well as my own writing site and posts I've had on many other people's sites, must have helped me get some name recognition. And I have been lucky enough to get 20 mostly favorable reviews on Amazon. You keep working at something for eight months, like I did, eventually something has to work out.

message 8: by Abby (new) - added it

Abby Vandiver | 124 comments Thanks!

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